New Freight Fields

Now even more suitable for vans and small freights

Four new check boxes have been added on the Freight Posting side, providing the search area with important information about the volume of freight and the poster. This means that both posters and consulters benefit from these additions:

Benefits for Freight Posters:

  • Easier way to find the right vehicle for all types of freight
  • Choice from more operators at the right price
  • Ensured qualification/quality of operators

Benefits for Consulters of Freight Offers:

  • Easier way to find the freight suitable for any van
  • Possibility to take on transport Express freights and get paid up to 3 times more!
  • Availability of pallet information from the poster
  • Optimisation of a vehicle’s capacity

Posters no longer need to add any pallet information in the comments’ part as it is now directly visible in the criteria part on the 1st line. Freight fields for pallets are an option that can be easily filled in and immediately visible to the consulters.

If a user is interested in the offer they just unfold it to see the contact information. It is now easier for Teleroute users to find the van that fits their freight and the freight that fits their van!

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New Freight Fields