Teleroute & DB Schenker Logistics: a long-standing partnership

DB Schenker Logistics signed its first agreement in 2010 with Teleroute, part of Wolters Kluwer Transport Services (WKTS) now, to bring up to 1.2 million offers on the freight exchange. On a daily basis, the +70.000 Teleroute customers can find 200,000 real-time freight & vehicle offers on the freight exchange platform.

The Teleroute freight exchange has been directly linked to the DB Schenker Logistics Transport Management System in European Land Transport, Schenker CARGONET, allowing planners to speed up the allocation of their freight throughout Europe whilst limiting potential human error in data transfers.

As this collaboration has been successful in the past three years, DB Schenker Logistics decided to continue to rely on the WKTS technologies and experience in order to be able to focus more on its core activity and increase the efficiency of its freight handling.

Both companies engaged in a new contract, having effect until February 2016, which will cover freight exchange services for the 268 European sites of DB Schenker Logistics including its integrated subsidiary TRANSA Spedition GmbH in Germany.

The new agreement is extending its scope to 1.4 million freight offers. Furthermore, and thanks to the synergies of the WKTS group and its different freight exchange brands, all DB Schenker freight offers posted on Teleroute will be automatically transferred on the BursaTransport and Nolis freight exchanges, giving visibility of these freight offers to extra 15,000 customers in France, Central and Eastern Europe.

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Teleroute & DB Schenker Logistics: a long-standing partnership