4 ways Teleroute ensures you get paid

Most Carriers have experienced being paid late, paid less or even not paid at all! This is frustrating for all Carriers but can be especially devastating for the smaller businesses. 

When you do the work, you deserve to get paid. Teleroute understands this and has developed four methods to ensure you get the money you deserve, when you need it. Every time. 


Quality Assurance Policy 

All users of our platform must first pass our Quality Assurance Policy; verifying identity, credit scores and years in service – ensuring that only verified companies can use our platform. 

This means all companies you do business with via our platform are high-quality and trustworthy – which adds peace of mind when it comes to payment.  


Payment Guarantee 

Before accepting a load, you have the option to take out a Payment Guarantee. This is a quick and easy-to-use service, exclusive to Teleroute, Wtransnet and 123 Cargo.  

Simply activate Payment Guarantee for any offer on Teleroute to guarantee your invoices will be paid, even before loading your truck, because if your customer doesn't pay you, we will. 

Remove any uncertainty of working with new partners and be sure to be paid, every time!  

How it works 



Sometimes, it’s not just about getting paid, it’s about being paid at a time that matters to you. This can be extremely important for Carriers who may need money for fuel or maintenance. With FastPayment you’re able to request that the money arrives in your account within 48 hours rather than waiting months. 

...And best of all... you can also request the service when working with non-Teleroute customers. This means you can request the service for freight offers not posted on the Teleroute platform.  

How it works  


Debt Mediation 

Teleroute is always by your side, so if you do have a problem getting paid from a deal you made via the Teleroute, Wtransnet or Bursa platform, then let us know and we’ll step in as your mediators. When you start a Debt Mediation claim, we jump into action to settle disputes and get your invoices paid.  

Our success rate is over 80%, and in 2022 alone, Teleroute guaranteed 1,426 payments and covered over €2 million. 


Be part of Teleroute 

Teleroute is always looking at how we can help Carriers more with their payments and finding freight . That’s why our platform has a growing community of over 85,000 transport professionals. 

It’s quick and easy to become a member, so sign up today

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