Customer satisfaction in logistics: What did we learn from our satisfaction survey?

The main objective of what we do every day at Teleroute is undoubtedly the satisfaction of our users. As in any industry, customer satisfaction in logistics is vital for successful business relationships. This is why we conduct a customer satisfaction survey every year to find out first-hand how our services are rated.

How we assess customer satisfaction

We ask our freight exchange customers what they think of us and how we can continue to improve. Some weeks ago, we carried out our annual satisfaction survey. Our freight exchange customers received the survey online and could participate anonymously to give their feedback. Here are some of the results we would like to share with you.

Determinants of customer satisfaction at Teleroute

From the results of the annual customer satisfaction survey in 2020, we appreciate that the ratings have generally increased positively. We are pleased and proud to see that overall the satisfaction level has been rising. This is something we will definitely maintain and keep improving.

Personal contact is a must in our digital era. All Teleroute users can now rely on a personal Business Assistant, who gives them guidance on unknown companies and shows them best practices to grow their transport business. Although this service is relatively new, our customers rated their experience with our Business Assistants as one of the most positive, reflected by a 91% satisfaction rating.

Teleroute's customers also appreciate all the additional services that distinguish us from other freight exchanges. This demonstrates that we not only know the needs of our customers, but also provide answers. We take your security very seriously, which is why Payment Guarantee is one of our features that received the highest response in the survey. Launched in January of this year, Payment Guarantee aims to ensure total security and protect carriers in the unfortunate event of non-payment.

The technological bridge created with the Wtransnet platform, market leader in Iberia and also part of the Alpega Group, also received a very high rating. By combining the strengths of both freight exchanges, users now have access to 200,000 daily offers across Europe. More offers mean even more opportunities to close perfect transport deals. Our customers also gave a positive rating to aspects such as the security we provide for their data, as well as the platform's ease of use and stability.

Areas for improvement on our freight exchange platform

In terms of desired future developments on the platform, most customers are looking for a service that shortens the payment time. In many cases carriers must wait 30 days or even 3 months to receive payment for their transport services, so solutions that reduce payment times are highly appreciated. Respondents also showed a strong interest in adding a chat feature to the platform, a tool that would speed up agreements between the two parties through an instant messaging service. Last but not least, many customers expressed a desire for an electronic confirmation system, in order to seal a working logistics partnership in a completely digital way.

According to the respondents, Teleroute also scores high on communication. In this respect, 57% said they would like to receive news and updates from the transport sector as well as product releases and news from the Alpega Group. This is why we created our Newsletter with updates from the logistics and transport sector as well as internal Teleroute news.