Get paid faster than ever with Teleroute. Yes, it’s possible!

Carriers in Belgium, The Netherlands and Spain can now get paid faster with Teleroute

The saying “time is money” highlights two of the main pillars of a business. On the one hand time, essential for carrying out effective strategies, and on the other hand money, a vital resource for every transport business. At the Teleroute Freight Exchange, we know that when it comes to payments our customers are looking for the right combination of time and money to give them the best possible results. Collecting payments for services on time is key to the success of any company. Delayed customer payments can lead to various difficulties, such as cash flow problems, communication issues and stress. Our latest service, FastPayment, promises exactly what its name says.

What are the benefits of the Teleroute FastPayment service?

1. Say goodbye to long waiting – avoid late payments

It usually takes from 30 days to more than 3 months for a carrier to receive payment for their transport services. This is one of the biggest pain points in the transport and logistics industry right now, as the response to a business opportunity must be fast but the remuneration come much slower. Not anymore! FastPayment allows you to significantly increase the efficiency of your logistics business and get paid faster, after the invoice confirmation. We managed to cut down the wait time by more than 98.9%, so that your transport business can grow even more.

2. Entirely online management process – seamless paperless transactions

To benefit from our service and avoid late payments, you don’t need to visit an external site or go through complicated procedures. The entire process is performed on the Teleroute platform in the easiest and, above all, safest way. In fact, it takes only one click. After issuing your transport invoice as usual, you can request FastPayment via Teleroute by providing some key information about your invoice and customer. After you submit your request, the invoice is sent automatically by email to your customer for confirmation. After your customers confirms the invoice, you can expect the payment to be transferred to your bank account.

3. Low cost and high transparency – no minimum invoice amount

Typically you can arrange with a business partner to shorten the payment time by several days in return for significantly lowering the fee for your transport service. Now you can avoid this stressful situation thanks to the standard low fee for the FastPayment service. Also, there’s no minimum fee for activation of the service, which means you can request FastPayment for any transport invoice, no matter how large the total.

4. More possibilities for your invoices – flexible invoicing

We know that your plans can change fast and you need someone to give you extra security, especially when you are dealing with an unfamiliar business partner. With FastPayment you can choose case-by-case which invoices you want to submit for fast payment. There is no obligation to commit for specific companies – you simply select the invoices where you want to receive payment quickly and securely.

FastPayment also works with non-Teleroute forwarders

Another great advantage of FastPayment is that you can also request the service when working with non-Teleroute freight forwarders. This means you can request the service for freight offers not posted on the Teleroute platform. Now you don’t need to worry about whether a company is registered with Teleroute. FastPayment makes everything easier for you!

Here it is: the complete guide to how to get paid faster than ever with Teleroute. You can start benefiting from fast payments right now! If you want to learn more about the FastPayment service, please visit our website.