GVT Transport & Logistics: ‘Is choosing consciously for Teleroute when posting Benelux freight’

GVT Transport & Logistics is a unique company and a familiar name within the Benelux. The logistics service provider prefers to carry out most of its services - road transport, warehousing, barge and rail transport - itself. “That benefits the quality”, director Wil Versteijne once said. And GVT has been choosing Teleroute for its Benelux focus for almost 30 years. Marcel Vastré, Project & Implementation Manager Transport: “GVT uses Teleroute for journeys to places like Breda and Groningen, so irrespective of the distance.”

From its main location in Tilburg, GVT Transport & Logistics is continuously growing its business. At the time that Vastré started the business - 23 years ago - there were 40 employees on the payroll. This number has risen in the meantime to over 1000. “This is a great and healthy company. We are growing, but in a sensible way.” This is reflected also in the slogan used by GVT in 2019, when the motto was: ‘First better, then more’. The objective of Teleroute seamlessly matches this slogan as GVT is using the freight exchange amongst other things for benchmarking. “Teleroute gives us more insight in where supply of freight is high, so that we know whether we can shift a shipment quickly and at what price.”


Vastré comments that benchmarking – comparing demand and supply at various moments and for various locations - is now the new ‘normal’, but that this was quite different in the past. “At the time, we worked with the familiar Minitel and had two users. By switching, they were both able to use the freight exchange services.

The importance of modern IT

Something that has not changed is the user-friendliness of Teleroute. “The Minitel has been replaced by a mobile app and web-based posting of freight that we do not transport ourselves. So the simplicity has remained, but the working method that we use now is completely different. Everything is digital now. The rise of digital technology started 15 to 20 years ago.” According to Vastré, the company has made great strides amongst others by starting its own IT department and the development of its own applications. “We employ a growing number of logistic engineers. That makes the development of technology when you have good ideas a lot easier.” At this moment, the emphasis is on the implementation of a Power BI environment. “This will improve our reports to clients even further. It gives us the chance to show how we work. I feel that the importance we attach to digital technology is evident from the fact that we receive 98 percent of our orders by digital means.”

‘Flexibility is necessary for safeguarding the quality of Benelux transport’

Serving the client as best we can demands first class quality and efficiency. GVT wants to be able to offer customers - often multinationals - a total solution. So, it is important to have sufficient flexibility both in peak periods and at quieter times. And this is essential for our road transport business in the Benelux, says Vastré. “We use the platform regularly for trips to or from our branches in Willebroek and Tilburg.”

80 percent of posts sold

GVT uses Teleroute in particular for transport in the Benelux. One of our planners is posting freight on the platform all day. The supply can vary considerably on a daily basis and is impacted by market demand. Other planners also post freight a few times per week. Most of the branches post messages on Teleroute once or a few times per day. This applies to the locations Apeldoorn, Alkmaar and Willebroek. The number of posts from Tilburg is larger at 5 to 10 per day.” Something that has changed considerably over the last few years is the spread of the messages posted on the platform. “Where planners used to cut the cake in the mornings, they now post from early morning to late at night. Freight may be picked up within 5 to 15 minutes, but it could happen that we have to refresh a few times. Ultimately, we sell at least 80 percent of all posts. Absolutely essential for the successful operation of the platform is that planners provide their messages with the correct information, including time frames. The clearer and more specific the information, the quicker the carriers pick up messages.

The use of freight exchange is increasing

The corona crisis has caused only a minor change to the use of Teleroute by GVT Transport & Logistics. Because the logistics service provider has a considerable vehicle fleet of its own, this was deployed as a priority so that less freight was offered on the platform. “In the meantime, we have also decided to connect Eastern Europe to Teleroute. “Eastern European carriers simply are necessary as a flexible buffer for our international activities.” Otherwise, Vastré has the impression that the use of the platform within the Benelux region is growing again after a dip in March and April (2020, ed.).


Benchmarking and networking are two of the key aspects Teleroute contributes to the improvement of the quality that GVT is providing to its customers. “The platform gives us daily insight in the supply of trucks and consequently also in the price for freight from and to certain regions. And we have been using Teleroute for a long time as well for connecting with new carriers. An example is our current regular carrier for trips from Portugal. We found them through the platform. In addition, we notice that carriers use GVT as a reference for their own acquisitions, also for mutual contacts within Teleroute.”

Reliability of the platform

Vastré feels that in the three decades that Teleroute has been used by the logistics service provider, the platform has given a reliable impression. “What springs to mind first and foremost, are the short lines of communication. If we have a query, we can always get in touch and receive answers promptly. The platform was and is user-friendly. “Teleroute is not linked to our TMS, but the planners don’t feel that this is necessary. Posting a message is easy, and it is also possible to copy all or part of the content of a message.” An important advantage of the freight exchange for the Project & Implementation Manager Transport is that the available carriers have been verified. “Teleroute simply has a good image, it is the best-known platform for Benelux trips”.


GVT Transport & Logistics serves mostly large, multinational customers. Being able to ensure the highest quality for both Benelux and international transport, requires the certainty of sufficient carriers, by way of a flexible buffer in addition to the own fleet.


Teleroute Freight exchange is the required flexible buffer, which GVT uses to offer customers just that little bit extra security. The familiar logistics service provider from Tilburg uses the freight exchange for transport to both nearby destinations and the remote corners of the Benelux.


Straightforward message posting, copying of texts and quickly refreshing are only a few of the advantages. In addition, GVT uses Teleroute Freight Exchange for the support of its own carrier network within Europe.