How to post freight


Click on Post a freight.

Enter origin and destination:

  • While you are writing, the city is recognized and fulfilled
  • ZIP code is also allocated for accuracy

Loaded description is automatically compiled but the customer could change some parameters of the freight.

After click on Post Offer is posted to be consulted and saved in Posted Offers.


• There is a menu on the left side to:​

1. New: create a new one

2. Uplift: moves the freight to the top

3. Edit: modify the current one

4. Copy: create a duplicate

5. Delete: erase

6. Create template: to create a template with the current freight


How to change contact person / create a new contact

  • It is possible to change the contact simply by overwriting the current one.
  • A list with all the contacts will appear to select from.
  • It is also possible to create a contact by clicking on Add.
  • Simply by filling in the mandatory fields: name, email and phone then the new contact can be created.
  • Phone structure: prefix with "+" (i.e. +33) and number (without the "0" regional code)