How to search freight


You can create a search by:

  • Clicking on Search freight.
  • On Dasboard - Freight Searches widget Search a Freight
  • On top main menu From My Searches - Search a Freight

Enter origin and destination.

  • While you are writing, the city is recognized and prefilled
  • ZIP code is also allocated for accuracy

Loaded description is automatically compiled but it's possible to change some parameters of the search.

After clicking on Save the search is launched and saved in Freight Searches.

The selection of Type of Goods will display dynamically with the available options.

Search results

The results page is optimized to show the maximum number of offers in one shot.

Offer detail

The offer detail shows all the main fields related to the offer as:

  • Origin and destination
  • Freight details: length, weight and merchandise type
  • Poster details: company, contact, phone and email (skype optional)
  • Offer number (followed by a #)
  • Action buttons: sms, print, print TO, add to favourite

Mark an offer as Favourite

Click on *Add to favorite in the offer detail.

The offer will be automatically added to My deals (favourite offers).

Offer map

Clicking on the location icon, shows the route details: distance, driving time CO2 and tolls.

Map freight details are opened in a pop up with possibility of three alternative routes included by selecting Alternatives routes.

Company details

Clicking in the blue company name, a pop up with the main company details is opened

It is possible to see all the details by clicking on Full profile

Radius Search

Clicking on the drop down list to see the different distances.

The user can select the between 10 to 100 km.

Regional Search

Clicking on Open the map to select regions a wizard will open.

The user can select the Teleroute regions or sub regions.

Maximum of 10 selections at the same time. When closing the map it is possible to enter directly countries/Teleroute regions or Teleroute sub-regions

Smart Search

From the search button Display more results it is possible to activate the Smart Search.

Smart search shows interesting freights that are in the route between origin and destination.

You can return to the normal search clicking by the name of the search shown.  

Note: this feature will be available depending on your subscription. 

Modify a search

Click on the icon Edit of a search 

The user can modify any field of the search.

It's not necessary to stop the search to modify it.

Click on Save to save the new search.

To cancel the action just click again on the return arrow.

Copy a search

Click on the icon Copy of a search.

A new search with the same variables will be created.

Clicking on Save 2 equal searches are created.

Delete a search

Click on the icon Delete a search.

The search will be deleted from the searches list.