How to select the best Freight Exchange for you

When looking for a freight exchange you need to choose one that has your best interests in mind. 
Here's what a good Freight Exchange should give you:  

Lots of Freight Offers 

A Freight Exchange with a vast amount of Freight and vehicle offers per day.  

Carriers and Freight Forwarders rely on finding offers to earn money and grow their businesses. But it's not just about the number of offers, it's about the quality.  

A good Freight Exchange will provide you with reliable offers (posted by reputable companies) and exclusive offers (not found on other Freight Exchanges). This gives you a better chance to make lots of good-quality deals as you'll have the power to choose and negotiate offers. 

With Teleroute you’ll find exclusive, unique, and reliable freight offers in the regions you need. Every time.    


A Strong Community 

A good Freight Exchange will have a large number of trusted and verified users on the platform who are looking to form strong business relationships.  

This not only means that you can safely make deals with new customers, but that you have a better chance of making repeat deals and building long-lasting connections with them.  

An example of a strong, dependable community is found on Teleroute. All our users must pass security checks, letting us know they're established companies. This means you’ll always be working in a safe environment with trusted members. 


Payment Certainty  

A Freight Exchange should care that you’re paid what you’re owed, every time. As you probably know, it's not uncommon for Carriers to experience issues with their payments, that's why a good FX should put payment measures in place  

Teleroute has many payment solutions to ensure Carriers get paid for the service they provide: 

  • Payment Guarantee – This solution is aimed to bring you financial peace of mind, especially when working with new companies on the Freight Exchange because you can be certain you would be paid, no matter what. (Eg. You are looking to expand to a new international route, you see the load from a freight forwarder on Teleroute but you have never worked with this company before,  you take a Payment Guarantee and you do the service with absolute trust you will receive the money for the transport you have provided)  

  • FastPayment  - This service allows you to speed up payment of your transport invoices to 48 hours. This means you get the money you've earned when you need it most. 

  • Debt Mediation – We act as a Mediator to solve any money issue you could experience on the platform. Our experienced mediation team is dedicated to getting you the money you deserve if an issue occurs. This gives Carriers a hassle-free experience if an invoice issue occurs. 


An FX that works for you 

Any Freight Exchange you choose should work hard to give both Freight Forwarders and Carriers what they need to do business safely, while allowing them to easily send/receive money.  At Teleroute that has been our motto since 1985


Found a Freight Exchange? 

Teleroute gives our users a safe, secure community, access to a vast amount of offers and the certainty of getting paid. Every time. 

So join us today!