New! 2024 Traffic Restrictions Overview for Carriers

For Carriers, traffic restrictions are nothing new, but the amount, type and location can make journeys more difficult and costly. That's why Teleroute has developed a Traffic Restrictions Calendar for 2024 – to help Carriers maneuver the roads of the EU as easily as possible. 
Get to know the restrictions that pave the European roads, and the ways Teleroute can help you.

EU restriction types

In the European Union, carriers with heavy goods vehicles face many traffic restrictions that ensure road safety, protect infrastructure, and reduce environmental impact. One of the primary restrictions includes limits on weight and size, where the EU sets specific maximum weights and dimensions for trucks. This is to prevent road damage and enhance safety, as overloaded or oversized trucks pose risks and infrastructure strain. Compliance is monitored through roadside checks, with penalties for non-compliance ranging from fines to vehicle seizures.

Additionally, carriers must navigate seasonal and environmental restrictions. During certain times of the year, roads may have additional requirements like the use of snow chains or may be closed to heavy traffic altogether to maintain safety and traffic flow. Environmental concerns have also led to the establishment of Low Emission Zones (LEZs) in many urban areas, restricting or levying charges on HGVs that do not meet specified emission standards. These zones aim to limit pollution and improve air quality. Following these regulations is crucial for carriers to avoid penalties and ensure efficient, compliant operations across the EU.

Importance of our Overview

For carriers operating within or across Europe, having a calendar that details European traffic restrictions is crucial for efficient and compliant traffic. The diversity of regulations across different countries – ranging from weight and size restrictions, environmental zones, seasonal bans, and Low Emission Zones in cities – presents a logistical challenge. 
Teleroute's in-depth calendar serves as a vital tool, enabling carriers to plan routes effectively, avoid fines or delays due to non-compliance, and optimize operational efficiency. It's a necessity for staying competitive and reliable in the ever-changing European transportation landscape.

What's included in Teleroute's Traffic Regulation Overview

Teleroute has two types of Traffic Regulation Overviews. The first is for Teleroute customers, available on the platform (via main navigation > Other > driving restriction). It allows Carriers to see all European traffic restrictions listed by country, restriction type, weight limits and even real-time restrictions.

For Carriers who aren't customers of Teleroute, we also offer an in-depth overview of traffic restrictions covering Europe.You can view this Traffic Restrictions Calendar for free here.