Safety in the freight exchange: Tips for safe logistics and transport processes

Digitalization is a big revolution that has facilitated the way we work in the transport industry. The new digital reality in the logistics world is often "threatening" safety. Tons of information, all accessible with a smart device in one click. It is not uncommon to witness cases where sensitive data gets hijacked, causing potential problems for you and your business partners. We would like to share some tips that you can follow that will help you make your freight and logistics transactions as safe as possible. Your security in the freight exchange is one of our biggest priorities. Below you can find tips addressed to both freight forwarders and carriers.


  • Know your transport business partners: After posting your offer on Teleroute, you will be contacted by many potential new business partners. We recommend you always ask for their Teleroute ID – a unique 10-digit number – and enter it in the "Company Directory" to access their company profile. There, you check the information and documentation provided by the company.
  • Keep your freight exchange login details private: We strongly recommend never to disclose your username and password for our freight platform to other people. Sharing your login info may have, as a result, a negative impact on your business as others can abuse your company's name. This practice can be very risky for your company. If you wish to have more users under your account, you can contact us, and we will provide support.
  • Ask your Teleroute Business Assistant: Only at Teleroute, you can count on your personal Business Assistant, who helps and guides you when it comes to collaborating with new transport companies you don't know very much about. Get in contact with them, and they can advise you accordingly.
  • Let us know if you have new users: Did an employee of yours leave your business? We strongly recommend you notify our team so that their login details can be blocked. We can provide you with new login details for any new employees in your business.
  • Suspicious activity? Contact us: As soon as you notice suspicious activity on our freight exchange platform or think that an unauthorized third party is using your account details, you should notify our team immediately. We will make sure to investigate the cause and provide you with the best solution. We recommend that you change your password on a regular basis and use special characters. You want your password to contain lots of different combinations.
  • Ask truck drivers for license and insurance proof: We recommend, as with any regular transport contract, that you ask your potential driver and future business partner for a transport licence and proof of insurance. This not only gives you confidence in your business relationship but also ensures secure trucking and a smooth transaction.
  • Keep a record of your freight documents: Retain all internal documents related to your process or your rates and make sure you keep them safe. Moreover, you can keep your records in your "Company Directory" profile. Update and consult your documentation, such as insurance certificates and more. Also, you can give information on routes and your specialization. This way, other businesses can also have access to these documents.
  • Always get paid with Teleroute’s Payment Guarantee: Another issue many businesses face is unpaid bills, a thwack for the safety of any business transaction. That is not the case for Teleroute, as our exclusive service of Payment Guarantee reassures you will always get paid. Wanting to add an extra layer of protection to our platform, you can now benefit from major security and never miss a payment again.
  • In case of disputes, our team is always available to help: Is your payment being delayed? We can help you with the Debt mediation option. Apart from the multiple checks we do, it may happen that an unfortunate event occurs, resulting in difficulties. Our dedicated team will support in settling disputes between conveyors and their customers. Leave it on us, and we'll do our best.

At Teleroute, we take your safety very seriously; hence we've built a platform with great data security where regular checks are being performed on all companies that use our freight exchange platform. In combination with the abovementioned tips, it will increase your security in your transactions. It remains our duty towards all our customers who trust us all these years, to ensure that Teleroute is and will be a safe online environment to ensure safe logistics processes and successful business relationships.