Teleroute opens its freight exchange platform to help transport companies during current crisis

Already more than half a million people were officially confirmed to have been infected with the coronavirus COVID-19, and the numbers keep growing tight. In just some days, the world and the economy were coming to a halt. Governments from all nations announced lockdowns and restrictions, directly affecting businesses and corporations. Following, the transport and logistics sector is experiencing one of the most challenging periods ever. The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a drastic increase in the volume of goods required by sectors like retail and pharma. All of this is putting the response capacity of the transport and logistics sector to the test.

Here at Teleroute, we want to play our part!

Witnessing the critical impact of COVID-19 on the logistics industry, here in Teleroute Freight Exchange, we want to help limit this crisis by offering free access to all transport and logistics companies that wish to join the platform, till the end of June and without any commitment to prolong. More than 200.000 freight and transport offers are posted on the Teleroute Freight exchange per day, across 29 countries in Europe. This way, anyone who is struggling with uncertainty and keeps fighting day by day to get their goods shipped in an efficient way, can rely on us.

Teleroute doesn’t stop because of the coronavirus COVID-19, that’s why we want to give free access to our freight exchange platform. However, all the security guarantees offered by Teleroute, such as its Quality Assurance Policy in accepting new members or the recently announced Payment Guarantee, remain unchanged. The main objective is to continue providing the logistics industry with the best possible collaboration network at a time when cooperation between transport companies is more crucial than ever. Securing the safety and high quality of our freight exchange platform and our transport offerings therefore remains a number one priority for us.

We at Teleroute believe in unity during these tough times. The Chief Operation Officer Freight Exchange, Fabrice Douteaud expressed: “We feel it is our responsibility to help society in all possible ways during this difficult period. Hence, we are joining the wave of solidarity by significantly enlarging our transport community with these temporary measures and contribute to overcoming the logistic challenges that we are facing with COVID-19. By spreading the word about this initiative, all of us can support in further shaping transport collaboration.”

Solidarity is what will keep us going, as the only way to get out of this crisis is working together. You can share this post with your colleagues and anyone you think they may need support to go through these uncertain times. Spread this message of optimism within the sector and contribute to an even stronger transport community! #AllInThisTogether