TelerouteChat: close transport deals even faster with our real time chat function

At Teleroute, we are always looking to make communication between freight forwarders and shippers as easy and efficient as possible. This is why we have introduced the Teleroute chat – a chat function on our freight exchange platform with simultaneous translation. Learn more about all the functions of the TelerouteChat!

When it comes to closing a partnership agreement in the transport sector, it is essential to maintain seamless communication with our partner. Often a quick chat to exchange information, ask a few basic questions or simply make initial contact with the other party speeds up the process and allows you to close the perfect logistics deal.

According to the latest satisfaction survey that we carried out, most of Teleroute’s customers appreciate the immediate nature of the procedures and thought that it was appropriate to integrate an instant messagingservice into the platform.

Proudly we can now announce the launch of ‘TelerouteChat’, a new feature of the Teleroute Freight Exchange that gives our customers the ability to communicate with each other in real time with the assistance of simultaneous translation.

The live chat allows for faster agreements and no risks for unavailable freight offers

This new functionality is the best way to reduce waiting times when closing a business deal. The instant messaging service on our freight exchange platform allows a direct conversation to take place between the logistics operator and the carrier, enabling the terms and conditions of the contract and the availability of each offer to be known immediately. In this way, and with just one click, the risk that the offer is no longer available is minimised.

Simultaneous translation so that language is no longer a barrier

Aware of the international nature of road freight transport and of the fact that more than 70,000 European professionals are members of Teleroute, we have included a real-time translation service into ‘TelerouteChat’ so that language is not a blocking factor when working on certain routes.

TelerouteChat is available without leaving the platform and at no additional costs

Especially working in the transport and logistics industry, we can’t always keep an eye on our email or be available to take a phone call. These circumstances, coupled with the fact that using them necessarily means leaving the Teleroute platform, can result in us losing vital minutes in an industry that demands being ever more diligent.

With ‘TelerouteChat’ you can chat immediately with a potential partner or customer and align on a new transport deal without having to use an external application; everything is integrated in the Teleroute interface and does not involve any extra cost for the user.

A last-minute change? Resolve it immediately with our live chat!

Contracts for the transport of goods are subject to last minute changes. Thanks to ‘TelerouteChat’, should there be any changes to the agreed terms, we will be able to anticipate and resolve them quickly through real-time communication.

Also, no document will be left in limbo, as the tool allows you to share them directly without needing to switch to email or another platform to complete the process.

Retrieve the chat history whenever you need it

All conversations are saved and can be accessed whenever we need to review a term. Similarly, if we wish to have a record of all transactions or keep a physical copy, we can export the files from chat and store them on our computer.

How do we provide security for users of our logistics chat?

One of Teleroute’s premises is the commitment to the creation of a secure working environment, something that we will not have to give up when using the chat, as all data is encrypted to guarantee the privacy of all users.

In addition, the security checks provided by the platform itself can be carried out from the chat to satisfy ourselves that we are going to be working with the right partner. When we receive a freight offer from another member of the community, we can access their Company Profile immediately to check their history: how many years they have been on Teleroute, their payment terms, the offers they have posted... A quick and easy way to access all the information about the company we are going to work with.