Teleroute presents two new transport solutions: TelerouteMobile and T-Interface

Technology plays an important part in every sector. Especially nowadays that challenges are expanding, and instability is augmenting, it is fundamental to have the right allies that support you and help leverage your company’s full potential. In Teleroute Freight Exchange, we know the needs of the transport market and we are excited to announce two of our newest freight solutions: the TelerouteMobile app, designed especially for carriers and T-Interface, an API addressed to freight forwarders.


It is no surprise that more and more transport companies are struggling to find freight and as a result run inefficient empty loads. To help clients in this situation, we improved the current logistics mobile app, so that you can get the most of our services. Apart from the new fresh design, TelerouteMobile app now allows you to perform multiple freight searches simultaneously, and to contact the offering company in one click to offer your spare truck capacity. Additionally, this new mobile app provides the possibility of accessing all freight and truck offers that are available in Wtransnet, the leading freight exchange of Iberia. All these benefits come with no additional cost, as TelerouteMobile is included in every Teleroute subscription. You can now close your transport deals while being on the road!


Today more than ever it is crucial for freight forwarders and transport companies to be able to quickly respond to the increasing demands of their clients. T-Interface, Teleroute’s new API interface, allows your logistics company to save a significant amount of timeand avoid errors by posting loads in Teleroute Freight Exchange directly from your TMS (Transport Management System). At the same time, you can find new qualified partners via the interface, in order to increase business opportunities and create a stable network of collaborators to optimize all transport operations. The new transportation API interface is integrated with more than 50 TMS solutions and has no extra cost for Teleroute’s customers. T-interface is Teleroute’s latest interfacing solution that will help your transport business save money and time by reducing workload and achieving maximum effectiveness by avoiding errors. All that, just one click away!

Both actions respond to the commitment of Teleroute Freight Exchange to continue investing in technological initiatives that significantly help the transport sector. As Fabrice Douteaud, Alpega Group marketplace COO, affirms:

“Our mission is to provide the transport sector smart tools to facilitate the collaboration and help our clients in their day to day challenges. With this goal in mind, we are working hard every day to improve the benefits we offer through our platform in order to provide greater added value.”

It is our goal to continue responding to your needs, as the transport sector is experiencing hard times. For that, our newest solutions, the TelerouteMobile app and T-Interface, addressed to transport professionals and freight forwarders respectively, are at your disposal free of any additional charges. Explore their potentials.