The benefits of freight exchanges - how they help you make more money

Making sure your transport business runs efficiently and at full capacity is a daily challenge. Every second a truck is standing still you are losing money. And when it is on the road, you want to make sure it is fully loaded with freight so you can make a good profit. Good news: freight exchanges are here to help, and we explain how to choose the one that is right for you.

Online marketplace

A freight exchange is an online marketplace where carriers, shippers and freight forwarders find each other – whether they’re looking for freight, have a vehicle or vehicle space to offer, or they’re just looking to partner up with new prospects. Freight exchanges are the places where supply and demand for the transport sector meet. All of this happens in a controlled, qualified and trusted environment.

Here are some of the main benefits according to users of freight exchanges:

  • Almost instantly find new freight and transport offers, or find vehicle space to transport your freight
  • Reduce empty running: find freight for return trips or make better groupage loads
  • Calculate optimal routes: save on fuel and toll costs
  • Market your company to many trusted potential partners
  • Extend your business to a European network

Opening up the freight exchange

Carriers and freight forwarders are what you could call the ‘typical users’ of freight exchanges. A recent trend in freight exchanges is the acceptance of freight that is being offered directly by shippers. By opening up the freight exchange to shippers, a new type of freight is entering the marketplace.

Pricing on this premium freight is typically higher, and when combined with a system of digital offers, provides a lot of additional value to the current business of carriers. Only a few freight exchanges offer biddable shipper freight, including Teleroute.

Start improving your margin

Do the stories of fellow professionals and users of freight exchanges not convince you yet? Well, what about some real numbers to give you a grasp of the potential benefits? It’s time to do some transport number crunching.

Here we are presenting four typical scenarios, assuming you have a certain number of trucks, each doing at least 100,000 kilometres a year, with an empty running between 10 and 25 per cent. All calculations were done with the online profit calculator provided by Teleroute. This way you get a good indication of the potential profit for your situation. 

Use it for free today: Teleroute Profit Calculator


How do you access a freight exchange?

Freight exchanges have been around since the end of the eighties. In the digital age, freight exchanges have evolved into so-called SaaS platforms: online applications that are accessible from any internet-connected computer. No software installation is necessary, and it works completely from inside a standard web browser.

Getting access to a freight exchange only requires activation of a subscription, and you’re good to go. The best freight exchanges even offer mobile apps, so users can access the platform from their smartphones. You can download the Teleroute Mobile App here so you can find great loads, anywhere.