The Teleroute freight exchange closes a record 2020 with the expansion of its portfolio of services and the growth of its customer acquisitions by 20%

2020 will be remembered as the year that put the whole world on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A year that has also been a challenge for the transport industry, which has had to face many challenges and demonstrated its resilient capacity to withstand an increase in transport and freight shipping demand.

In such a context, freight exchanges like Teleroute have been key in helping transport companies improve their efficiency through real-time collaboration. A mission that Teleroute has carried out since 1985, providing the transport and logistics sector with an intelligent tool that easily and safely connects spot loads and vehicle capacities with the aim of optimizing routes and reducing empty trips.

A look back on 2020 for the transport sector and Teleroute

In 2020, Teleroute has continued working to improve its platform, where it provides more than 200.000 freight and vehicle offers daily in a secure community of over 70.000 transport professionals. It also closed the year with an impressive growth in its customer database thanks to a higher retention rate and an increase in the acquisition of new customers by 20% compared to the previous year.

With the aim of creating an even stronger transport community Teleroute decided at the beginning of the pandemic to open its platform free of charge to all transport companies that were not yet customers to alleviate the situation. However, the situation dragged on over time, causing thousands of carriers to work tirelessly so that the world would not stop. A commitment that Teleroute wanted to personally show its gratitude for, along with OnTurtle, on their #MerciTransporteurs tour, with which for 10 days they toured the French landscape offering free coffee and loads of good cheer to the drivers who never got out of their cabin to continue supplying us with basic necessity products.

But 2020 was also the year that Teleroute announced its new Payment Guarantee service for carriers. An exclusive service that makes it possible for transport companies to protect themselves from unpaid invoices, making another big step in the construction of the safest space for road transport collaboration in Europe.

In its goal of continuing to respond to the needs of its growing number of customers, Teleroute also launched two improvements on its platform at the beginning of the year: a new API interface and a new version of its App, both focused on closing transport contracting agreements and finding new collaborators in a more efficient way.

Digitalization of the transport sector in 2021 and beyond

With the experience lived in these months, the digitization of the freight sector has gone from being something desirable to a necessity, so that the immediate future will be conditioned by the use of new technologies. At Teleroute and at the Alpega Group, technology has always been seen as a facilitator of collaborations, so they are now in a privileged position to face this new reality. Of course, without losing sight of the commitment to create a secure collaboration environment for transport companies based on a very strict quality policy that pays special attention both to security controls for the incorporation of new members and to the monitoring of their activity within the platform.