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  • From South to North and Eastern Europe, choose the route that fits best with your needs
  • Loads for refrigerated trucks, trailers and much more! At Teleroute you can access a wide range of live freight offers
  • Book offers to all regions of Europe from your phone

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Our freight exchange is exclusive for transport companies, agencies, and logistics operators.

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We vet every Teleroute member so you don’t have to

transport professionals save money with Teleroute every day

+ 85 000

weekly freight offers

+ 1 750 000

Reach up to 100% truck utilization

100 %

“It represents an enormous time saving, as it completely dispenses with the process of manually sorting out suitable freights ”

Tirolia Spedition Ges.m.b.H

“ Our utilisation rate is over 90%, so empty runs are virtually a thing of the past ”

Nijmeijer Transport und Logistics GMBH

“ Verifying the integrity of business partners is very important to us. Alpega Teleroute gives us security. Every day we are able to be more competitive operating on the European market ”

Adam Aszyk | Adar sp. z o.o

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