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  • Load search: no empty trips for trucks, with more than 200.000 freight offers per day
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With more than 35 years of experience, Teleroute is a leading freight exchange platform and offers freight forwarders and carriers in Europe online solutions which allow them to organise the entire freight management process via a freight exchange platform.

Whether you are a carrier, a freight forwarder or the planner of an SME or an agency serving major international logistics groups, on Teleroute you will always find offers that are tailored to your needs. Search for a freight on our search simulator. You can then view the relevant offers from freight forwarders active all over Europe.

Teleroute offers efficient and secure freight exchange solutions.
Here, you can find fixed rates, all-inclusive offers and a range of services. Working with Teleroute means:

  • High efficiency: Connection with Wtranset and BursaTransport, leaders in Iberia and Eastern Europe.
  • Always safe and secure: automatically and free of charge.
  • And, most importantly, more than just a freight exchange: Teleroute is part of the Alpega Group and offers you a number of interface solutions which meet your requirements in terms of the management, optimisation and planning of your activities.

How can you make use of the Teleroute freight exchange?

Register and find freight loads

With more than 70.000 members who are registered with our freight and vehicle exchange service and have been verified, Teleroute is the best tool to find a carrier or a load in less than a minute.

Over 200.000 freight and vehicle offers per day!

With so many national and international offers published daily, you can expand your network of contacts all over Europe and find a load more quickly.

Full and part loads

Reduce empty runs by up to 25%.

One in four trucks in Europe runs empty. Connect to our 1-click Teleroute European freight exchange interface to avoid empty runs..

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Create Freight Offers and Transport Orders

Creating freight offers and transport orders is easy with the Teleroute online freight exchange. You only have to enter the route details, date and time, details about the freight you are looking for or want to transport, and your contact details.

Search For Freight Offers and Transport Orders

Find freight offers and transport orders in less than 1 minute – quick and easy with our user friendly online freight exchange. You can use Regional Search, Along-the-Route Search or Smart Search to find exactly what you are looking for.

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Inclusive services for the users of our freight and vehicle exchange

Mediation service: At your request, Teleroute will step in and approach your customers in order to facilitate the payment of outstanding invoices.

Payment Guarantee: We are the only ones to offer our clients the possibility to secure their transport invoices found inside and outside our platform. This allows you to concentrate entirely on your business.

Safe Marketplace Programme: The Safe Marketplace program is designed to ensure the safety of your freight transactions and to protect the Teleroute transport exchange community. Safety has top priority with us.

TelerouteMobile: TelerouteMobile enables you to search for offers and publish your available trucks simultaneously. The call button in the app allows you to quickly contact the customer.

Company directory: The directory is a genuine index of all transport companies in Europe. Every page contains contact details, regular routes, warehouse capacities and security indicators.

Text messages: Notify your drivers of new freight offers by text message – wherever they are.

Document release: Quickly save all the documents that you use on a daily basis to close your transactions in the application.

Calculation route: Calculate your freight route accurately or look up an address on an interactive map.

Which countries does Teleroute Freight Exchange cover?

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  • Close a deal in less than 1 minute
  • More than 70K users with more than 200K offers per day

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