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A glance at the offerings of our online freight exchange

Europe’s First Platform
A European wide network with 35 years of experience in the freight transport and logistics industry. We know the sector inside-out so you can rely on our expertise to connect you with the most qualified transport professionals and increase your revenues.

Safe Marketplace
Program Security is one of our biggest priorities. All our members are verified and pass several security checks throughout the year, to ensure the safety of the Teleroute community while doing business via our platform.

Payment Guarantee
Get your money, no matter what. Secure the payment of your transport invoices, even before loading your truck. If your customer doesn’t pay you for your service, we will.

Business Assistant
More than just a Customer Support, your personal Business Assistant will help you meet the challenges that come with freight transportation along the way and show you how to use Teleroute to build long term partnerships.

TelerouteMobile enables you to search for offers and publish your available trucks simultaneously. Quickly contact your customers and close deals on the road.

3 Freight Exchanges 1 platform
Connect with Wtransnet and 123cargo freight exchanges for Iberia and Eastern Europe. Access even more freight and truck offers and maximize your profits!

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Connect with 85.000+ potential business partners offering thousands of daily domestic and international freight and truck offers. With Teleroute, you are guaranteed to find the right service for your freight transportation requirements.

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Creating freight offers and transport orders is easy with the Teleroute online freight exchange. You only have to enter the route details, date and time, details about the freight you are looking for or want to transport, and your contact details.

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Search for freight offers and transport orders

Find freight offers and transport orders in less than 1 minute – quick and easy with our user-friendly online freight exchange. You can use Regional Search, Along-the-Route Search or Smart Search to find exactly what you are looking for.

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The best online freight exchange for carriers and freight forwarders

With more than 35 years of experience, Teleroute is a leading freight exchange platform and offers freight forwarders and carriers in Europe online solutions which allow them to organize the entire freight transportation process via a freight exchange platform.

Whether you are a carrier, a freight forwarder or the planner of an SME or an agency serving major international logistics groups, on Teleroute you will always find offers that are tailored to your needs.

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Instantly find freight offers to avoid empty runs and boost your earnings.

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  • Optimize your vehicle utilization and save up to 25% of cost associated with running empty.
  • Join the safest freight exchange community and never worry about getting paid with our exclusive service Payment Guarantee.

Are you a freight forwarder or a shipper?

Find free truck capacity among the most reliable partners to transport your goods.

  • Make your offer visible to a network of 85.000+ freight transport professionals.
  • Save time by connecting your TMS and automatically publish freight offers via our T-Interface.
  • Access thousands of vehicle offers and choose the most competitive option for you.

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