Teleroute's Customer rating

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  • Our customer review system provides information on the quality of service, credibility and reputation of each member
  • The customer review system is based on 3 criteria: freight posting activity in Teleroute; freight searching in Teleroute; payment behavior to other Teleroute customers
  • All users can specify their preferred partners, as well as their unwanted partners
  • All users can identify their preferred partners quickly and easily

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A company has a rating when:

The Company is active in Teleroute Freight Exchange and has more than one freight posting and or  freight/vehicle search over the last 12 months.
New Customers have a rating after the first 30 days of Teleroute usage.

Activity as Freight Poster

The number of stars is based on the Freight Posting activity in Teleroute.

Increase your freight
postings for more stars.

Activity as Freight Searcher

The number of stars is based on the Freight Searching activity in Teleroute.

Increase your freight 
searchings for more stars.

On time payment behaviour

The number of stars is based on the payment behaviour toward other operators in Teleroute combined with activity.

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2. Check your rating

1. Click on the company name in the offer window

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