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Peter Vinke - Director

Freight Platform Helps Neele-Vat Logistics

Neele-Vat Logistics is world-renowned in Rotterdam, but the company has also been slowly but surely growing to take on the role of an important actor in the logistics sector in the Benelux region. Its turnover has now reached €100 million, mainly through portrelated logistics. Neele has 250 to 300 trucks on the road each day and Teleroute has been a crucial part of the structure for years, according to the director, Peter Vinke.

Neele is busy transforming itself from a local Rotterdam logistics service provider into a 3PL service provider with branches in all corners of Europe.This transformation is most clearly visible from the name change. The company had been called Neele Transport for years, but has now become Neele-Vat Logistics. This name better covers the shift from transport alone to transport and warehousing. Vinke: “Over recent years, we have grown by around 20% each year and have thus developed from what you can call a hot dog stand into a restaurant.”

Big Brands Trust Us

Nine Business Units

And yet, transport still occupies a more than important place at Neele, as illustrated by the 30 trucks owned by the company and the 250 to 300 trucks on the road each day for the transport of goods. Neele’s network is imposing and there are now nine business units that are all responsible for their own profit and loss but they are directed by the corporation in Rotterdam (Hoogvliet). These units are: Southern Europe, Great Britain and Ireland, Switzerland and Austria, Benelux, Eastern Europe and Scandinavia and Germany. The company also has five sites: in the Netherlands there are Hoogvliet, Botlek, Zeebrugge and Amsterdam and one in Moscow.

Peter Vinke on the division into units, with a focus on specific countries: “Each business unit has one or more people who come from the country for which they work. We consciously made that decision because those people understand the culture of the country and make discussions with customers a bit easier.”

The planners who send out hundreds of trucks on the roads each day have been using Teleroute for as long as Vinke can remember. The freight exchange platform is an important tool to allow Neele to play the role it wants to play. Vinke: “We want to be a neutral logistics service provider carrying out large volumes of work for freight forwarders nationally and internationally. We’d like to offer a one-stop shop for our customers and this has turned out well for us as we are always able to find a relationship between various products. And, we also guarantee the necessary efficiency.” Neele handles both longer international trips and many A to B trips within the Benelux region.

“Each business unit manages its own shop, but we also ensure continuous synergies as we’re all here together in Hoogvliet. The advantage of all of the individual shops is that we can always provide the customer with the right service. And, if the customer is happy, then we can always talk about continued expansion of our services.”

Freight exchange platform

Teleroute is an important part of the company process. Neele doesn’t pass all of its trips through Teleroute, but the platform is highly used for Germany, France, Great Britain and Ireland. Vinke: “For Eastern European transports, we don’t use Teleroute much, but, from what I understand, Teleroute is planning to make greater efforts in Eastern Europe and thus we’ll be able to use the platform more often there as well.”

“That personal contact with Teleroute can truly be called added value. What’s more, there are even greater discussions to have with the Account Manager about market developments.”

Vinke cannot image how Neele-Vat Logistics could work without Teleroute’s Freight Exchange platform. “And, let me be clear, we also don’t want to work without the platform. This certainly doesn’t prevent us from using other systems. But platforms like that of Teleroute provide such added value, by bringing together load bearers and we can thankfully take advantage of.” The director of Neele also adds to his comment that employees must be well trained in the use of the various platforms. “It’s a pity if you don’t make a planner aware of the limitations and possibilities of a system like Teleroute. Vinke also has a lot of good things to say about the special Account Manager assigned to Neele and the support from Teleroute. “That personal contact can truly be called added value. What’s more, you can have great discussions with the Account Manager about market developments.”

Vinke is of the opinion that, in times of great fluctuations, the freight exchange platform certainly provides great added value to Neele. “In situations where there is great freight supply and it’s difficult to find transport, Teleroute is a solution.” And, Neele is completely concerned with growth. “We transport a lot of aluminium, steel and paper, which are basic commodities that are currently in very high demand. The 45 planners that we employ thus are very happy to make use of the extra possibilities offered by an exchange platform and I believe that they will continue to do so for some time.”

Since its establishment in 1966, Neele-Vat Logistics has developed into a fully fledged logistics service provider. Among other things the company owns trucks that crisscross the Botlek area and 35,000 m² of warehouse space.

The freight exchange is only available for transporters, carriers and freight forwarders.

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