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With Teleroute, Europe’s preferred freight exchange, you benefit from:

  • 200.000+ daily offers from 70.000+ transport professionals across Europe
  • Protection against unpaid invoices with Payment Guarantee
  • Access to Wtransnet and 123cargo for even more business opportunities
  • A secure community with only companies who passed solvency and quality checks
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Find freight and offer your truck

  • Benefit from Smart Search and find even more freight, in an ellipse around your route.
  • Up to six freight search windows for a better overview per available truck.
  • Directly publish your truck when searching for freight.

Post freight and find carriers

  • Automatically get matching vehicle offers when posting your freight.
  • See who has viewed your freight offer and contact them proactively.
  • Connect your TMS with Teleroute and automatically publish your freight in our freight exchange.

TelerouteMobile app

  • Our app features all the benefits of Teleroute at its full potential.
  • Search freight simultaneously on multiple routes and offer your truck in one single click.
  • Available for iOS and android.

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Teleroute works exceptionally well for optimising our utilisation rates. It's always possible to find freight on Teleroute.

Peter Vinke | Director Neele-Vat Logistics

*For every annual subscription. Valid until the 8th of January and only for new customers.