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How can a freight forwarder advertise freight or search for a vehicle?

Freight forwarders have to find the best transporter to ensure that the freight entrusted to them is transported safely and securely, based on the requirements of their industrial or distribution customers. The Teleroute freight exchange provides valuable support with this task.

The Teleroute freight exchange offers freight forwarders two options. One option is to offer the freight in the usual way on the freight exchange. A specific route (date and time of loading; date and time of delivery) and the type of goods as well as the desired vehicle can be entered. The Teleroute freight exchange offers solutions for general, perishable and liquid goods, as well as for solid bulk materials (including hazardous goods). Containers and even heavy load transports are also part of our range of freight forwarding services. Find suitable transport and close the deal in less than a minute.

The other option is for freight forwarders to conduct their own search for a carrier, which is done using the “Search for vehicles” option. In this case, the user can enter a departure point and destination, the loading date (which can be D, D+1 or D+2) and also the type of goods. The forwarder will then be shown available carriers, i.e. carriers who have reported their vehicle as available on the relevant days at the specified location. Both options enable freight forwarders to find the solution that suits them best.

Most of the time we use a freight exchange to find a suitable vehicle. Freight exchanges are a kind of meeting point: they are the platform we use to establish contact with carriers, and then to develop our relationships within the exchange.

Jean-François Auzéau, director of the management committee of Ziegler France

A tool which helps you establish lasting business relationships with individuals as well as with companies

It is more than 35 years since transporters and freight forwarders first got to know the Teleroute freight exchange. It has now become a necessary tool which extends their knowledge and complements their everyday work.

Not only can freight forwarders find the right carriers, they can also establish secure, sustained relationships with them. The company directory ensures that the information of every provider is checked and certified by our services. Freight forwarders can view the file of the transporter with whom they would like to conclude a contract. A benefit worth taking into account: “Obviously, the security of transactions is very important to us,” says Tariel Chamerois, product manager at DB Schenker.

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