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Reduce empty running by 43% ›

No more empty trucks for transporters: find or post a freight offer or a vehicle offer on our one-click interface to increase your efficiency.

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Thanks to all the tools in our Safe Market Place programme, 99.99% of deals made on our freight exchange are secure.

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+70,000 members use the Teleroute freight exchange each day: perfect for carriers to get new orders and extra revenue.

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Manage everything on one screen.

Targeted freight offers appear on your desktop as soon as they are posted - and advertising your available vehicles has never been so simple.

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Save time and money.

Teleroute can provide solutions and software tailor-made to your company’s needs – big or small.

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More profit and less risk.

Get more freight, greater utilisation and higher profits with fast and easy access to thousands of freight offers posted daily by certified companies.

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We have introduced a new tool to help you search further around your point of Origin and/or Destination:

Teleroute Radius Search

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New partnership between Wolters Kluwer Transport Services and Cargo.LT makes the European transport market safer for all

Wolters Kluwer Transport Services, the European leading provider of Transport Management Software and Services, and Cargo.LT, the Lithuanian leading freight exchange active in the Baltic states, announced they have started a close collaboration between their freight exchanges Teleroute, BursaTransport, 123Cargo and Cargo.LT to make the European transport market safer.

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