Debt mediation: The solution for outstanding payments

Our mediation process has many advantages:

  • Mediation of disputes between carriers and customers
  • Success rate of over 80%
  • Penalties for the debtor in difficult cases

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The debt mediation service from Teleroute: it’s an absolute must

The Teleroute freight exchange has implemented security processes ranging from prior checking of registered companies and storage of all data through the platform to automated algorithmic tracking which monitors and filters out any suspicious behaviour.

However, problems may occur despite all the security measures taken. In this case the mediation service will come into play, which is designed to settle disputes between conveyors and their customers. The debt mediation service is aimed at invoices issued by carriers to their customers.

After receiving a request from a transport company outlining the problem, Teleroute will intervene as a mediator in order to enforce the payment of the invoice.

Most disputes are about late payments or difficulties with money transfers between different countries. Debt mediation is often enough to deal with the issue. The success rate is over 80%. In difficult cases Teleroute reserves the right to exclude the debtor temporarily or permanently from the freight exchange.

Teleroute provides no guarantee of a specific outcome of its mediation service. Teleroute expressly disclaims any liability for the outcome of the service rendered.

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