Logistics Glossary

With Teleroute’s logistics glossary you will find all information and definitions on technical terms and acronyms of the transport and logistics industry.

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Articulated truck

Heavy-duty utility vehicle consisting of two separate parts connected by a joint. It enables better manoeuvrability in confined spaces.

Bill of Lading

A bill of lading is a legally binding document between the carrier and shipper, and the consignee, who receives the goods.

Bulk Freight

Transport of large quantities of unpackaged goods, usually in bulk. These can be liquid, like oil or chemicals, or dry goods such as coal or grain. Bulk transport means that goods are loaded and unloaded using specialized equipment, rather than being moved piece by piece.


The transportation of goods or passengers between two places in the same country by a transport operator that is registered in another country, often referred to as “container transport”.


An individual or a company that provides transportation services, typically owning and operating transportation equipment.


A document that constitutes the contract of carriage for goods being transported internationally by road.

Damaged goods

Damaged goods refer to goods that have suffered damage during the handling, storage or transport process within the supply chain.

Domestic Transport

The movement of goods or people within the borders of a country. Example, the transportation of freight from Rome, Italy to Milan, Italy.

Demurrage Cost

A penalty for exceeding the time allowed for taking delivery of a shipment from the shipping or transporting company’s warehouse.

Empty Runs

The trips a transport vehicle undergoes without cargo. For example, a carrier transports goods from Paris to Rome, but has no load to transport upon its return. Teleroute helps you avoid empty runs through our Freight Exchange.


Selling and sending of goods produced in one country to another one.


EORI is a system used by the European Union for businesses who wish to trade products within and outside of European countries.


All goods that are carried from one place to another by water, land or air. Freight is also the money paid for the transportation of goods.

Freight Exchange

Online haulage platform connecting logistics providers, transport companies and private customers. It allows its users to search through a database for vehicles or freight. In Teleroute, our mission is to provide the most efficient European network to cover road transport needs, for both domestic transport and international route.

Freight Forwarder

An individual or a company that arranges the transportation of goods. They receive freight from shippers and organize the transportation of the cargo with a carrier.

Freight Transportation

Freight transportation or freight shipping refers to the transportation of different types of freight from one location to another. Freight can refer to goods, cargo, and commodities. While freight transportation may be carried out via land, sea, or air, the Teleroute freight exchange is specialized on freight transportation over road in form of truckloads, less than truckload, and intermodal.

Gross Weight

The total weight of a product. Gross weight stands for the sum of the net weight of the product adding the weight of its packaging.

International Transport

The movement of goods or people from one country to another. Example, the transportation of freight from Paris, France to Madrid, Spain.

Import Duty

Import duty is a tax charged on imported products.


The arrival of goods from one country to another.

Net Weight

The weight of a product minus the weight of the packaging.


A person or a company who organizes the sending of goods from one place to another. Shippers can be manufacturers or suppliers.

Tare Weight

The weight of an empty container or vehicle.


Truckload is freight transported by road in large quantities of shipments.


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