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The benefits of our freight exchange:

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This is why you should use our transport solutions

In a professional business environment where, thanks to digital technology, everyone can communicate with each other, it was important to create a meeting point for customers (manufacturers, traders) and transporters.

The Transport Tender service on Teleroute enables customers who have Transwide SpotQuote to process transport orders which are tendered on the exchange.

The shipper or freight forwarder specifies a starting point and destination in the offer, as well as the dates and times of loading and unloading, preferences in terms of vehicle type and the size of the load (t, m3, m). Additional documents may be attached as well. The request will then appear in the Teleroute freight search of carriers, enabling them to reply to the offer.

The shipper or freight forwarder starts by entering the details of the transport order in the system. The mechanism ensures total confidentiality for the carriers. They will not be able to access each other’s quotes, which means that no auctioning will take place.

The freight poster will then consider the quotes received. No additional phone calls, emails or Excel tables are required; everything is arranged in just a few clicks. Following that, the forwarder or the shipper will contact the carriers chosen by him as potential contractors. Teleroute remains true to its strategy: helping transport professionals to get in touch with each other and facilitating their communication. We will never interfere in transactions as regulator or referee. All operators remain fully in charge of their pricing and the way in which they place orders.

Each Transport Tender is only designed for one specific route. Customers wishing to operate on several routes have to enter more than one transport order.

Combining the best of both platforms

The bidding function is a gateway-based solution between the Transwide platform, which already has its own trading system (SpotQuote), and the Teleroute platform with its 85,000 registered daily users.

Shippers and Freight forwarders will now be able to choose between several carriers. They can either contact transporters they already trust and use on Transwide (“private” exchange), or find carriers on Transwide and then switch over to Teleroute, or they can search directly on Teleroute and find “Premium” transporters there.

The main advantage for freight forwarders and shippers is greater choice of service providers, which increases their options. The system also gives them better control of their transport costs, in particular for spot transactions.

There are great opportunities for transporters, too, if they are part of the Teleroute network. The Transport Tender service allows them to access new business segments and contact the customers directly. The process is guaranteed to be safe, secure and reliable, providing Transwide (which belongs to Alpega Group as Teleroute) refers to these contract partners.

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