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More than a freight exchange:

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  • Teleroute has been active in France and Europe since 1985.
  • Teleroute offers collaborative freight management solutions to all goods transport companies.
  • Teleroute is part of Alpega Group, market leader for “on-demand” software and transport management services.

About Teleroute

Teleroute is an online freight and vehicle exchange and has been active in France and Europe since 1985. With the roll-out of the Minitel technology (3614 Lamy), Teleroute expanded its range of services to include computer-based services and later also a web-based platform.

In 1996, Teleroute, a subsidiary of the Lamy Group, became part of Wolters Kluwer. In 2000, Teleroute was integrated into a new structure for transport IT solutions: Wolters KluwerTransport Services (WKTS).

In 2005, WKTS took over the Nolis freight exchange, which was followed by the merger of the two freight exchanges in 2012. In the early 2010s, the Group decided to significantly expand its range of services in the field of transport management software (TMS) through the integration of the software solutions Transwide (Charger TMS).

On 30 June 2017, Wolters Kluwer Transport Services was officially taken over by Castik Capital with the aim of creating a leading portfolio of companies in the TMS sector. Since 1 October 2017, WKTS has been operating officially under the name of Alpega.

Under its current brand name, Alpega has brought together various software solutions: Alpega TMS (Charger TMS), Teleroute (European freight exchange), Wtransnet (Iberian freight exchange), BursaTransport (Romanian freight exchange) and 123cargo (freight exchange for Eastern Europe).

Alpega is the only provider of “on-demand” software and transport management services which meet all optimisation, planning and management requirements of freight forwarders, logistics service providers and freight shippers. A large number of professionals have access to freight exchange services and transport flow management solutions.

More than 350,000 users log into Alpega software solutions every day.

Based in Brussels, Belgium, and present in 80 other countries, Alpega Group brings together all kinds of transport communities.

For further information visit: www.alpegagroup.com


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