The Safe Marketplace Programme

We guarantee full security through:

  • Development of the Teleroute Code of Conduct
  • Our trade directory
  • Customer verification and comprehensive security checks
  • Our mediation service
  • Our customer rating system

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Our goal: to protect the Teleroute community

Clear rules for an excellent service

The Teleroute Code of Conduct was developed with the help of our customers, and defines the conduct we expect of all registered members of the freight exchange. The code of conduct is a tacit agreement without any obligation to sign up to it.

However, companies which do sign up also agree to comply with the provisions and accept the penalties imposed in the event of non-compliance. By signing the code of conduct you are demonstrating to thousands of logistics experts that you are a reliable partner and part of a community in which clear rules ensure the provision of excellent services.

As a Teleroute customer, you can sign the code of conduct online. This will be particularly useful if you are looking for a potential partner.

While we welcome you to inform us of inappropriate behaviour, only Teleroute will have the right to impose a potential penalty on the relevant partner.

What you can do to ensure your freight transactions are secure

Following the suggestions below will allow you to focus on your business and avoid problems resulting from freight theft.

1. Find out who you are dealing with. Take care when choosing a transporter to take over your freight. Always ask partners for their personal Teleroute ID and enter it in the trade directory in order to access their personal page. Then contact the partner via the landline number specified in the trade directory as these contact details have been verified by Teleroute.

2. Do not under any circumstances disclose your freight exchange login details to third parties. We recommend that you change your password on a regular basis. Notify Teleroute if an employee leaves your business so that his or her login details can be blocked. We will provide you with new login details for any new employees in your business.

3. Contact Teleroute as soon as possible if you suspect that login details are being used wrongfully or if you notice anything unusual.

4. Always ask the driver and the transport company for a copy of their transport licence and proof of insurance.

5. Retain all internal documents related to your process or your rates and keep them safe.

6. Pay attention to any “special locations” and “special data”.

7. Never disclose any information on the type of goods carried, the routes chosen or the final destination to any third parties not involved in the transaction.

8. Avoid parking in the same place for too long. A loaded truck left unsupervised for longer periods of time is at an increased risk of freight theft. Protect your loads and install an alarm system.

9. Park your truck in a safe place whenever possible. A list of parking places can be found at

We are happy to help if you have any problems. Our team will be pleased to answer your questions and assist you in the event of default in payment or a legal dispute.

Credit rating reports

Always know who you are dealing with

Before closing a deal, take a look at your partners’ credit rating reports to make sure that they are solvent. The credit rating reports are provided by our partner CreditSafe. They provide information on the solvency and financial standing of a company and is both easy to understand and accurate. This helps you reduce the risk of unpaid invoices.

  • Have all the financial information on a transport company at your fingertips in just one click
  • Make the right decisions effectively
  • Access information instantly
  • Check first to avoid nasty surprises later
  • Obtain reliable and up-to-date information


  • National report (on French companies): EUR 3.00
  • International report (on companies based abroad): EUR 7.00

Financial details are provided for information only and have no contractual or legal validity. They are not designed to be the sole basis for making decisions and are derived from data provided by third parties, which means that Alpega Group cannot warrant their correctness. Alpega Group expressly disclaims any responsibility for consequences arising from the provision of this service.

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