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The benefits for planners:

  • Find carriers that meet your requirements
  • Ensure an efficient flow of goods
  • Optimise use of your transport capacity
  • Combine part loads
  • Maximise your profitability
  • Manage a private directory of carriers and companies already contracted by you
  • Routes covering Europe
  • Get help with special inquiries from trustworthy advisers

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Teleroute benefits for planners

Transport planners have a key role to play, which is to organise the entire transport flow for their industrial customers or distributors. In other words: their daily mission is a complex one. They have to process the transport orders placed by their customers and find solutions for transporting the goods within the defined deadlines.

Their expertise is largely based on their skilled use of computer-based data exchange tools, but also on their specialist knowledge of the transport sector. They have to consistently manage hundreds of transporters.

Therefore, the Teleroute freight exchange is a valuable tool for every transport planners. In addition to enabling traditional freight and vehicle searches, Teleroute also provides transport planners with a platform which expands their range of activities and increases the scope of contact with their transport partners.

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Flexibility for transport companies

Creating and managing routes on the Teleroute freight exchange also facilitates the day-to-day work of planners. Transport planners can create their own private directory based on Teleroute’s public directory, which allows them to manage their own list of carriers. Transport managers can also blacklist any companies that they don’t wish to work with.

To avoid having to enter the same data day after day, transport planners can register and save their offers so that they can be easily retrieved and published again.

In addition, Teleroute advisers are always on hand to respond to individual requests from planners.

Teleroute makes your work easier

The new Teleroute freight exchange has made life easier for planners. The web-based platform comprises many improved functions.

Marty van Lagen - head of operations

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Teleroute makes return trips profitable throughout Europe

Teleroute freight exchange allows us to expand our transport routes, reduce empty runs, save money on fuel, tolls and even staff costs, as well as take advantage of new business opportunities.

Nicolas Perrin - CEO of MKTS

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Increased efficiency for planners

Increased profitability

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