Transport companies: Teleroute solutions for a winning investment

The Teleroute freight exchange enables a carrier to:

  • Find freight in less than a minute
  • Reduce empty runs by 25%
  • More than 200.000 daily freight offers
  • Expand your network
  • Never say no to a customer
  • Profit from a fixed monthly fee
  • Benefit from many additional services

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Teleroute provides simplicity and efficiency for every transport company

One of the key tasks of the Teleroute freight exchange is to enable freight transportation companies to find loads at any time, organise vehicle return journeys and optimise their use. Teleroute offers two ways in which to ensure this.

Firstly, transporters and forwarding companies can decide whether to search for available freight. The Teleroute service enables a simple, flexible search for available freight (with up to 6 search requests running at the same time) on different routes. All across Europe. The programme remembers these individual routes and computes efficient global routes on that basis.

Secondly, carriers can also advertise their vehicles. Even before the transporter’s vehicle is unloaded, it can be posted on the freight exchange with details as to where and when it will be available and what type of vehicle it is – semi-trailer or trailer. That is the principle of the transport offer.

This solution is not only designed for transport companies or SMEs, but also for major logistics groups. Freight transportation companies that carry general goods, tanker cargo, bulk goods or even perishable goods (refrigerated transports) can find their loads here.

Thanks to the Teleroute freight exchange, our vehicle utilisation rate is over 90%. Empty runs are practically a thing of the past. Moreover, more than once we have been able to help out customers by loading their freight at very short notice. These customers have since become regulars.

Meindert Nijmeijer, managing director of the German transport company Nijmeijer

Additional services for carriers

With Teleroute, freight transportation companies can rest assured that every transaction is safe and secure. The whole Teleroute user community is regularly checked and verified. Teleroute offers all transport companies a mediation service, which is essential for carriers and freight forwarders with links all across Europe.

Teleroute also has a route calculator for the optimisation of transport flows and implementation of a Europe-wide schedule. In addition, a cost calculator allows you to determine the margin for each tour based on the proposed price.

Thanks to the Teleroute functions, carriers and freight forwarders can also communicate directly with their drivers via text message.

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