How to expand your search opportunities with "Smart Search"

Do you want to get more opportunities when searching for freight or vehicles? Smart Search is the exclusive feature that enables you to get new freight along the route. We help you to use this feature.



1. You can access the search form through different ways (dashboard button, widget or in the Main Menu-My Searches/Freight Searched or My Searches/Search Freight).

2. Then in the search form, if you perform a City to City search, you could click Display more results origin + destination + route displaying all the alternative results. In the following screenshot you see there is no available freight from E-15 La Coruña-E-03 Alicante, but if you use Smart Search you will find 8 interesting freight offers along the route.

3. You could fine tune your results using the map by clicking the location icon :

a. And see Alternative Routes (blue, red and green) :

b. Or modify Radius from 50 to 500 km. to spread or reduce the search area and then click Display result :

c. It’s also possible to combine alternative routes with the Smart Search functionality. You only need to select Smart Search on the route of your choice and then click on Display Results to see all alternative routes along the selected itinerary.

d. Add a way point : you can select an intermediate point (entering a city or ZIP code as mandatory fields) and then click Display Results.
Note : It’s also possible to add a way point directly in the map by clicking the right mouse button and moving it through the map.

Check out our ‘How to Search Freight video blog post’ for more info :