How to make your freight offers more visible

With thousands of Freight offers being posted each day, you’ll want to make sure your offers stand out! 

Now, with Teleroute, the process is simpler as the more detailed you make your freight offer, the quicker carriers will contact you.   


But what can you do to really make your loads more visible?  Teleroute has a couple of solutions for you... 


Premium Offers 

Turn any offer into a Premium Offer easily through the Teleroute platform. This service allows you to fix your loads to the top of freight search results to draw immediate attention to your posts, allowing you to make deals quicker   

It’s natural that when looking through offers, you’d look at the top offer first... so why not put your offers there? 


When you use Premium Offers you’ll have your loads: 

- Seen by all carriers looking for freight that matches your criteria

- Get more attention than loads offered by competitors

- Get picked up faster by trusted carriers 


How to turn an ordinary offer into a Premium Offer: 

1. Login to your Teleroute account   

2. Create an offer   

3. Tick the Premium Offers box to fix it to the top 


But that’s not the only feature you can benefit from... 

Company logo 

The best way to stand out and make your brand stronger is using Company Logo.  By putting your Company’s Logo beside your Freight and vehicle offers you will: 

- Be easily recognized among other offers  

- Make your brand stronger and build trust with new partners 

- Close deals faster by standing out from thousands of transport postings 


Adding Company Logo 

It’s super simple to add your logo to your freight offers 

1. Login to your Teleroute account 

2. Go into your Company profile in the “Community Manager”. 

3. Click on the Company Logo banner to get started. 

Then rest assured that all search results containing your offers will have your logo beside them. 


Start standing out 

It’s never been easier to get your offers chosen by trusted carriers on Teleroute. Try Company Logo and Premium Offers today and see the results for yourself! 

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