How to promote your business

Do you want more business from transport companies and shippers? Then use Community Manager : the biggest online database of trusted transport companies. Share and promote all relevant information of your business with others. So you’ll get new business.
On top you benefit by:

  • Working more closely with your valued customers
  • Finding new transport partners
  • Attracting new customers


We help you to set up and create a complete Company Profile in order to increase your opportunities to be contacted by other companies:

1. After mouse over on the Teleroute yellow box on the left top corner, you can click on Community Manager.

2. Once you are in Community Manager you can go to My Company – Company Profile:

3. Click on the pencil symbol to create and update your Company Profile. Note: to update this section you should be Superuser*

4. Update your Company Details to be contacted due to different transport data related with your size:

5. Update your Lanes so you can be found on basis of the regular routes you execute regularly:

6. Update your Equipment so you can be found on basis of transport mode, specialization or equipment:

7. Update your Warehouse so you can be found on basis of the different warehouses you manage:

8. Update your Documents in order be communicated due to the different certificates you have achieved :

And be connected with 100,000 transport professionals!

When you are looking for new partners or transport providers, it is really easy to use the directory. You could search the company you need using the criteria explained earlier:

After clicking on the Public Directory on the main menu, on the right side there is a section Company Search to perform the search on different criteria: