OnTurtle and Teleroute hit the road to thank carriers for their work during the COVID-19 crisis

No doubt this year’s focus was the COVID pandemic. Sounding very distant in the beginning of 2020, the virus escalated very quickly, resulting in lockdowns all over the world. Many industries had to stay parked for several weeks, something that started causing concerns. There were, however, those who never stopped, even in the hardest moments of the crisis. The professionals of the transport industry! A group often invisible that, faced with tough circumstances responded with dedication and inexhaustible effort.

This is, among others, one of the reasons why OnTurtle and Teleroute Freight Exchange decided to thank all freight carriers for their work by organizing a roadshow, crossing France. A well-deserved coffee accompanied by snacks, were given to all carriers who stopped by the selected gas stations. Under the slogan #THANKYOUCARRIERS (#MERCITRANSPORTEURS in French), the action started in La Jonquera, Spain on 23rd September and was completed on October 1st in Chevanceaux, France, making a total of almost 5.000 kilometres in only nine days.

The OnTurtle and Teleroute team were there to personally thank the transporters and speak with them about the difficulties they went through during the past months. We also had the opportunity to be honoured by the major of La Jonquera, Ms Sònia Martínez Juli, who remained with us in our stand. Protection was a priority for the successful outcome of the event, something we took into consideration for the installation of the food truck. Social distancing, face masks and other measures were adopted and respected throughout.


What problems did COVID-19 cause for the transporters and carriers?

Nine days in which we wanted to escort all those drivers who allowed the world to go on when everything was stopped. This has allowed us to spend a pleasant time with the real protagonists, hearing their stories and the challenges they had during from the beginning of March until now, but also the hope they bring for the future of transportation. A French carrier emphasized “We really felt the crisis, in France we were confined, so we, who work in transportation, felt the crisis in the beginning, but now we have recovered our transport activity.”

Another problem that many transporters and logistics employees had to face during the lockdowns in Europe, was pointed out from the Spanish carrier Francisco Cortés. For many weeks everything was closed across all European highways, so carriers could hardly find establishments in which to stock up and wash up. To identify himself with the initiative, Cortés recalls how during the most difficult moments of the pandemic "there were many places that were closed. There was nothing, no services practically". A complex situation if we consider, as Cortés points out, that "all the work was very urgent and [had to be done] very fast". "We gained visibility. People have realized how important the professional transport is to keep everything running".

Transporters will remain our inspiration to build a strong logistics network.

We couldn’t be happier to see the appreciation and positivity reflected in the transporters and drivers who joined our first roadshow. When asked about the initiative, everyone was sharing their excitement and positivity. “We should have more people like you!” and “Your kindness, the coffee, and coming across a wonderful team like yours, it was a pleasure!” were some of the words that remind us why we should continue and invest in new features in the logistics sector, along with bringing new features to the market and modernize work.

The service stations of OnTurtle in La Jonquera, Béziers, Mâcon 1, Écot, CalaisAll4Trucks, Jáunay Clan and Chevanceaux were the selected spots for this initiative. The "Red Tortuga" and Teleroute Freight Exchange wanted to be by the side of all the professional carriers, serving more than five hundred coffees during the entire event. Also, a raffle was organized with three symbolic prices, to all those who took part. A small gesture compared to the tremendous work all the transport sector did. We would be more than happy to see all of you soon in the next roadshow!