Personalize your freight offers with TelerouteRecommends

Anyone looking for freight offers, or free truck capacity wants to find the best route in just a few seconds. But this can become a real struggle when you are in a hurry.

To solve these challenges, we're excited to announce TelerouteRecommends, a new feature that will help you save time and steps when searching for the best offers.

TelerouteRecommends is an innovative feature based on Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (AI&ML). Its primary goal is to recommend Teleroute users freight offers that match their daily needs. But you might be wondering: How does it define these needs? Well, the AI&ML algorithm analyzes drivers’ historical usage data to discover patterns, and that's how we can recommend them the best freight offers.

TelerouteRecommends freight offers are grouped into 3 categories:

- Selected for you: these are the offers based on your usage of Teleroute. We recognize your usage history to give you a selection of offers that match your needs.

- Trending now: these are offers that are popular today across other carriers from your region.

- Expand your business: these exceptional offers allow you to discover new routes and cooperate with new business partners while potentially earning more money on those not so highly competitive routes.

The more you use Teleroute, the more tailored offers you get

Once you start enjoying this premium service of our platform, you will find that it is very simple to operate. When using Teleroute, you will see a "route" icon in the top bar. Click on it to see the different types of recommendations available to you. When you click on one of them, the platform will take you straight to a dedicated page where you will see your recommended freight offers.

The best part is that it doesn't matter if you have just joined Teleroute. Our system is very smart and learns quite fast. So, the more you use it, the more tailored freight offers you will see. This also applies to older users too, since the feature will not only incorporate all our tracks within the platform so far, but with each new route we take, it will incorporate new patterns that it will use to better adjust to your needs.

As a matter of fact, the TelerouteRecommends "engine" doesn't ever stop working. Every night the route recommendations are updated. In this way, when you start your business in the morning and look for the best alternatives to start planning your routes, you have offers especially selected for you, fully customized, and, of course, up to date.

The time to change the game of finding new routes has arrived. With TelerouteRecommends, we will always work with the confidence of knowing that the routes you are taking are the ones that best suit your interests. So, contact your personal business account manager to upgrade your subscription today and start accessing thousands of personalized freight recommendations today to grow your business.