Teleroute 2022: New tools to boost your freight transport company

Teleroute launched in 2022 more functionalities than ever before. From personalized freight offers to new ways to make your offers stand out from the crowd; we worked hard to release new features that will make carriers' and freight forwarders' jobs a lot easier. Here is a sum up of our latest tools. 

TelerouteRecommends for tailor-made freight offers 

The first feature launched in 2022 was TelerouteRecommends, a tool that helps you save time and work smarter when searching for freight offers. Its primary goal is to recommend offers that match your daily needs by using your historical usage data to discover patterns. In a nutshell, our platform now learns your habits and shows you offers that match your profile even before you search for them.   

TelerouteRecommends freight offers are grouped into 3 categories:  

  • Selected for you: these are the offers based on your usage of Teleroute. We recognize your usage history to give you a selection of offers that match your needs. 

  • Trending now: these are offers that are popular today across other carriers from your region. 

  • Expand your business: these exceptional offers allow you to discover new routes and cooperate with new business partners while potentially earning more money on those not-so-highly competitive routes. 

The system is smart and learns quite fast. So, the more you use it, the more tailored freight offers you will see. 

Featured Offers for more visibility and deals 

Now you can stand out from others and increase the visibility of your offers with "Featured Offers." This solution is a premium service that allows you to push your transport offers straight to the top and draw immediate attention to your postings, increasing the chances of closing a deal much faster. 

This tool is easy to use. All you need to do is to add the service to your subscription directly in your platform and choose which offers you want to push to the top. Then, every time your Featured Offer matches a search on Teleroute, it will be displayed on top.  

Company Logo puts your brand on the spotlight  

With our new "Logo" service, you can show your company's logo directly in the Search Results to boost the visibility of your brand. In this way, you can attract the attention of more transport professionals.  

  Use this new feature to:   

  • Have your logo visible next to your postings  

  • Make your brand even stronger    

  • Close deals faster by standing out from thousands of transport postings  

Now your company can be easily recognized and build trust to close deals faster.

FastPayment in Poland: Get paid in 2 hours

Long payment terms are one of the most common issues in the transportation industry. In Poland, the average time for carriers to receive their money after issuing an invoice ranges from 45 to 60 days.  Many carriers simply cannot afford to wait that long to receive payment for their delivered transport services. It becomes a threat for the business continuity.

Now, waiting to get paid for transport services is a thing of the past for Polish companies. Polish carriers can get paid as fast as 2 hours for their transportation services with Teleroute's new payment solution: FastPayment.

FastPayment is a safe solution and the entire process to request short-term financing for specific invoices is 100% online and without complex formalities, ensuring pay out in a matter of 2 hours.

The rollout of FastPayment in Poland is an extension of the service already operating successfully in Spain and Benelux.

Stay tuned for 2023! Our team of experts will continue to work daily to solve your biggest transportation challenges and ensure you have the best experience when looking for loads or carriers on our platform.