The best resting areas for carriers in Europe

Many people say that if you want to know which restaurant serves good food or where to take a break during a road trip, ask a carrier. Truck drivers spend many hours on the road and know the best places to take a break before getting back to them. And, although there are surely thousands of good rest areas all over Europe, we are going to give you a small selection of the best resting areas at gas stations on the continent, so that on the next trip you  avoid any surprises.

Berchem Station, Luxembourg  

Berchem Station is the largest Shell service area in the world. Located at a strategic point in Luxembourg on the E25/A3 freeway in the direction of Belgium, it is one of the areas preferred by carriers because it is designed for them. Not only because it has a unique and ultra-fast refuelling system (as well as very economical, which is essential nowadays), but also because the restaurant options are endless. There you can find McDonald's, Starbucks, and Deli2Go. It also has toilets and showers, 100 parking spaces, security systems for trucks and a large store.

OnTurtle in La Jonquera, Spain  

Located at the key point for international transport in and out of the Iberian Peninsula, the La Jonquera area has 25,000m2 dedicated to transport professionals. Its parking lot, permanently guarded and recognized by ESPORG as one of the safest in Europe, as well as its exclusive microfiltration plant, are the spearheads of one of the most outstanding transport stations on the continent. It was redeveloped in 2021 to become an even more sustainable transport hub. 

Andamur in La Jonquera, Spain  

Also in La Jonquera is the Andamur station, whose strategic location and wide range of services make it the perfect place to stop both on the outward and return journeys to Spain, Portugal or the crossing of the Strait of Gibraltar.  

It is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and has a "Fast Service" with 17 multi-product refuelling lanes that allow several products to be refuelled simultaneously, reducing service and waiting times. Its security parking lot has capacity for 110 trucks, with access control through license plate reader, security guard and 24/7 video surveillance, 3-meter fence around the perimeter, toilets with night service, etc.

Calais Truck Stop, France  

Located on the French border, specifically on the maritime one with the United Kingdom, is the Calais Truck Stop. It has a huge guarded parking lot with 293 spaces for trucks, as well as a comfortable restaurant area, which has a TV room perfect for resting. To get back on the road clean and fresh, there are showers, toilets and a laundry room. In addition, this cleanliness can be transferred to the vehicle, since it has a complete truck washing area with the most advanced technology.

Autogrill Villoresi Est, Italy  

"The most beautiful Autogrill in Italy". This is how they define this Italian service area, unique for its 30-meter-high "volcano" shape, which lights up red at night, is unmistakable to all those who travel on the A8 Milan-Laghi highway. Designed by the architect Giulio Ceppi and inaugurated in 2013, it is a project with sustainability at its core, built entirely according to energy efficiency and ecological footprint standards. An innovative design that also features a 19,000 square meter green area integrated with the nearby Groane Park and a huge gastronomic offer, with up to four restaurants.

Jägerheim-Lohne, Germany  

We continue with another very unique service area, where you can literally feel at home. We are talking about the Jägerheim station, next to exit 65 in Lohne. It has a large outdoor recreation area that is ideal for the summer. But it is in winter that we can enjoy it to the fullest, thanks to its cozy guest lounge and its huge fireplace. It has a carefully selected menu for lunch or dinner in which there are not only hearty dishes, but also lighter options ideal to continue a long journey. The restaurant is open until midnight during the week, and until 22:00 hours on Sundays; closing on Saturdays. If you feel like it, you even spend the night there. The breakfast is composed of an abundant (and delicious) buffet. Showers are also, of course, available. It is very likely that you will meet neighbors from nearby towns, who also want to enjoy the benefits of this service area.

Ashford International Truck Stop, United Kingdom  

We finish with one of the most recognized areas in Europe: Across the English Channel. It is a must stop for all those carriers heading (or returning) to France via the Eurotunnel. Voted the best truck stop in 2016 and 2019, it has a huge offer of facilities and services, such as a restaurant with an excellent gastronomic offer or a large cybercafe ideal for connecting to the WiFi network, as well as a sports bar. Speaking of sports, if you are one of those who have to exercise daily, there is a complete gym. For truck maintenance, there's a truck wash, repair center and store, and of course, secure parking, showers, toilets and a place to do laundry.