Tips to use the smart dashboard

Do you want to save time and make more money? We have developed a smart Dashboard to manage your transport activities and communications at a glance. With this exclusive view you’ll not waste your precious time between tabs or different windows. To manage your transport activities we have created different widgets (widgets are graphical elements, or windows, that display your information in a special way to manage quicker your transport operations).


  • Freight Offers : consult active and inactive freight and save time by (re)posting  directly from here :

  • Freight Searches : consult active and inactive searches and save time by deleting or editing from here :

  • Vehicle Offers & Vehicle Searches : manage easily your vehicle postings and searches


  • Shared Freight Offers and Shared Vehicle Offers : save time checking all the freight and vehicles shared with your colleagues at a glance


  • SMS & FAX : manage easily your communications with your drivers as well all your transport deals with these 2 widgets :

Additionally, you can save time by using the Drag & Drop functionality :

  • You can easily post one truck by dragging your selection from the Freight Search list and dropping it into the Vehicle offers list.In this way you’ll convert a search in a vehicle post. 

Check out our ‘How to Post a Vehicle blog post’ or see video for more info :