Logistics Glossary

Empty Truck Runs

Empty Truck Runs - A Definition

In the logistics and transportation industry, empty runs represent a missed opportunity in terms of revenue and environmental sustainability. Once a truck has delivered its load to a destination, it may have no cargo or freight planned for the return journey to its origin, meaning that it has to run empty. As well as having a negative impact on the environment, empty journeys lead to logistical inefficiencies and increased costs for carriers, which is why it is vital for logistics professionals to optimise routes and minimise empty mileage.

The Impact of Empty Truck Runs on Sustainability and Efficiency

Next to the impact on revenue, empty truck runs have a significantly impact on the environment. Every empty run means unnecessary fuel consumption and increased emissions. By addressing this issue, we contribute to a greener, more sustainable logistics industry while also optimising efficiency and reducing operational costs.

How Can Empty Trucks Be Avoided?

The Potential of Unused Truck Capacity

Unused truck capacity represents untapped potential in the logistics sector. 
Two solutions to fill empty running trucks are digital freight exchange platforms and innovative load matching. Both can ensure that every available space is utilized, turning unused capacity into opportunities for growth and sustainability.

The Benefits of Load Sharing and Back Hauling

Further solutions to efficiently divide loads between trucks are load sharing and back hauling. By effectively sharing loads between trucks and securing return loads, we not only optimise the use of available capacity but also significantly reduce the number of trucks running empty on the roads. This approach not only makes economic sense but also marks a step forward in sustainable logistics.

Leveraging Freight Exchange Platforms for Optimal Load Matching

At Teleroute, we understand the importance of optimising every journey. Freight exchange platforms stand at the forefront of our innovative solutions, connecting shippers with carriers, ensuring that every available truck space is utilised. Through real-time truck load matching, we facilitate return loads for trucks, thereby minimising empty runs and maximising profitability for carriers.