Logistics Glossary

Refrigerated Goods and Cold Chain Logistics: A Comprehensive Guide

What are Refrigerated Goods?

Refrigerated goods, commonly known as 'cold cargo', are products that require specific temperature-controlled environments during transportation to maintain their quality and safety. This category typically includes food items, pharmaceuticals, and other temperature-sensitive products. Ensuring the integrity of these goods is a cornerstone of cold chain logistics, a specialised field that manages the movement of temperature-sensitive cargo from origin to destination without breaking the required cool environment.

The Essentials of Cold Chain Transportation

Cold chain transportation is pivotal in maintaining the quality of refrigerated goods. This process involves a series of refrigerated production, storage, and distribution activities, along with associated equipment and logistics, designed to maintain a consistent temperature range. It's a critical component of perishables logistics, ensuring that goods like fresh produce, frozen food, and pharmaceuticals reach their destination in optimal condition.

Key Vehicles for Perishable Logistics

When it comes to transporting perishables, the choice of vehicle is crucial. Refrigerated trucks, often referred to as 'reefers', are the backbone of perishable logistics. These specialised vehicles come equipped with refrigeration units that control the internal temperature, keeping the goods inside at the desired temperature throughout transit. The selection of these trucks depends on the nature of the goods, distance of transportation, and external environmental conditions.

Licencing Requirements for Transporting Perishables

To transport refrigerated goods, a specific set of licencing requirements must be met. Drivers need to hold a standard commercial driving licence, along with additional certifications that attest to their ability to handle and transport temperature-sensitive cargo safely. These certifications often involve training in the operation of refrigerated equipment, understanding temperature control techniques, and emergency procedures to mitigate the risk of spoilage.

How Teleroute Can Help You with Your Refrigerated Goods

Teleroute's freight exchange platform can help you guarantee the integrity of your cold cargo. It connects shippers with a vast network of reliable carriers, including those with reefer trucks equipped to transport refrigerated goods. The platform's features include advanced tracking and monitoring of temperature conditions in real time, instant alerts and reporting. Teleroute also uses a thorough screening process to ensure that carriers meet the highest standards for cold chain logistics, minimising the risk of temperature deviations.