As a shipper you can save time and cut costs

The freight exchange allows you to:

  • Close a transaction in less than a minute
  • Connect to 70,000 European transporters
  • Create and track routes
  • Carry out transactions that are 99.99% secure

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Shippers can advertise a freight and/or look for a vehicle in a number of ways

The Teleroute freight exchange allows shippers to find a transporter on any European route at any time in order to deliver their freight.

Teleroute is easy to use, and you don’t have to install any software on your computer. Shippers connect to the web platform, where they can then choose between two options.

One option is that shippers post their freight and wait for a carrier to contact them and take care of it. This can be done in just a few seconds.

The second option is to anticipate the process proactively. In such cases, shippers can look for a vehicle according to a specific origin and destination defined by them. They will then be put in touch with a transporter who in turn has advertised an available vehicle.

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The freight exchange is only available for transport professionals

Teleroute also offers a number of additional services

In addition to searching for a transport company, the Teleroute freight exchange also offers access to solutions that enable shippers to manage and track their freight orders.

Shippers can start by defining and saving their preferred routes and axes, which will make posting future entries easier.

Shippers benefit from solutions which ensure the security of their transactions: they can use directories and mediation services.

Shippers can contact transporters in their saved transport network, as well as any other carriers linked to Teleroute. That means they are able to find all the contacts they need in the directory.

Shippers can save time and cut costs

Increased profitability

No software installation

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