2022 Summer tips for truck drivers

The summer season just begun, and roads all across Europe become busy. It is a vacation season for some, but also a time of opportunity for many, as new possibilities open up for establishing business in a period of high demand.

Bearing in mind that during these months the work of carriers takes on special relevance,  we provide you some valuable tips on how to get the most out of the Teleroute Freight Exchange and, as a bonus, we give you a series of tips on how to drive safely and efficiently during the hottest time of the year. After all, many external factors must also be considered during this time of the year, such as heat, traffic, or the change in traffic restrictions.


Use the Teleroute Freight Exchange as a commercial tool

Take maximum advantage of this summer by acting proactively. Start looking for new routes now in order to be prepared for the heavy workload in September. Therefore, do not forget to offer your truck on our platform, as it is essential to make yourself visible to potential customers. With the new Teleroute Recommends, you can easily do that with its innovative functionalities based on Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (AI&ML). Its primary goal is to recommend Teleroute users freight offers that match their daily needs. But you might be wondering: How does it define these needs? Well, the AI&ML algorithm analyzes drivers’ historical usage data to discover patterns, and that's how we can recommend them the best freight offers.

Furthermore, don't forget that with Teleroute you have a contact person who will always be there to help you. If you have any doubts about how to get the most out of the freight exchange, contact your personal Business Assistant to plan together how to face these weeks and the rest of the year. More than just a Customer Support, the Business Assistant will help you meet your business’s everyday challenges along the way and show you how to use our transport platform to build long term partnerships with prestigious clients.


Be part of a community of trusted and reliable transport professionals

Summer and excessive workload should be aligned with a highly secure working environment. This applies not only in the sense of respecting the new hygiene and prevention measures derived from the coronavirus pandemic, but also in terms of transactional guaranties. Rest assured that Teleroute, thanks to its security policy (QAP), provides you with a safe working environment where all members pass several quality checks throughout the year. In this way, all transactions are carried out under maximum reliability, and you can be confident you work only with the most reliable companies.

No one likes to work without getting paid. With Teleroute you have at your disposal our exclusive Payment Guarantee service, with which you can guarantee the collection of your trips no matter what, even before the loading for your truck. Secure the payment of your transport invoices and start new transport collaborations in markets you do not know and with companies you have never worked with before, with total peace of mind. And remember, if your customer doesn't pay you for your service, we will.


Top 4 Summer driving tips: Fight the heat on the wheel

Summer is a synonym for longer days, trips during vacation traffic, full highways and, above all, excessive heat. Reasons enough to, as said at the beginning, give you a series of tips on how to best deal with driving in the summer season.

  1. 1. Hydrate at all times: Always have a bottle of water at hand to refresh yourself and to prevent the dreaded dehydration. Try to get into the habit of drinking, even if you are not thirsty, and avoid carbonated and sugary drinks, like sodas and large, high-fat meals.
  1. 2. Air conditioning, yes, but be careful: It is an essential ally for every trucker in summer, but it must be used with caution, since going from twenty degrees inside the cabin to the forty degrees outside, can be harmful for your health. Maintain a temperature inside the cabin that is not too low and turn off the truck air conditioning a few minutes before going outside.
  1. 3. Beware of the sun: Sunburns, sunstrokes or glares are common at this time of year because of the sun’s intensity. So, in your luggage, you should never miss high protection sunscreen, sunglasses with a high filter against ultraviolet rays and, to protect your head, a cap or hat.
  1. 4. Plan your routes: Whenever possible, plan your routes in advance to avoid the hottest hours. Also remember to have your truck ready and inspect your vehicle prior to the trip. Some key parameters for summer road safety are tires, oil and brakes, since they suffer most from the heat.