Alpega Group launches free unique service for NGO's to help Ukraine : #OnTheRoadForUkraine

Special concierge service enables non-profit agencies to quickly connect shippers of humanitarian goods to an 85,000 truck driver network, with personalized help from Alpega’s employees.

Alpega Group, one of the leading transportation SaaS software companies in Europe, is stepping up to simplify the supply chain transport of goods to assist relief efforts in Ukraine and for Ukrainian refugees. As the conflict in Ukraine unfolds, hundreds of thousands of people have been forced to flee their homes and seek refuge in other European countries. The speed at which the conflict has accelerated creates an urgency to get relief to the people of Ukraine with a more flexible supply chain.

Normally the process of connecting a shipper or freight forwarders to a carrier involves an online registration process, producing documents that must be validated and can take days or weeks to complete the security checks needed.

Effective immediately, NGOs and other agencies who are carrying humanitarian goods to Ukraine and to Ukrainian refugees can contact Alpega directly through and a service agent will immediately help the shipper connect with potential carriers, saving precious time. Alpega will waive its normal fee to NGOs and other humanitarian agencies for coordinating the movement of such goods.

Alpega Freight Exchange COO, Fabrice Douteaud, said “We stand in support with all the people of Ukraine. Let's do what we do best: transport goods all over Europe and, in doing so, quickly help those who need it most.

Alpega was decisively involved in the early days of the coronavirus pandemic providing transportation flexibility as the global supply chain was disrupted with the #ALLINTHIS TOGETHERcampaign and then later coordinating shipments of the first COVID19 vaccine throughout Europe. Now Alpega demonstrates again that we ARE all in this together by aiding the victims of the conflict in Ukraine.

Information is available through these links for shippers and carriers.