How to optimize your operations with Teleroute Freight Exchange

Aiming to support the transport industry, Teleroute is organizing a series of free webinars available to all transport businesses. Under the motto “Discover how to optimize your business with Teleroute Freight Exchange”, they showcase how the revamped platform can support carriers and freight forwarders in their day-to-day business.

In this virtual meeting, available via this link, Jeroen Buijs, Sales Director Freight Exchanges, and Joanna Zielinska and Gerrit Schinkel, Sales Managers Freight Exchanges, describe how to fully utilize our platform and demonstrate some of our latest key features, such as Payment Guarantee.

What is the webinar about?

With more than 35 years of experience, Teleroute is Europe’s preferred freight exchange, offering more than 200,000 daily freights and vehicles from 70,000+ transport professionals. Our platform is specifically made for the needs of transport businesses, enabling you to navigate through interactive maps for better search results, along with calculating your costs per route and many additional services.

At the start of the year, Teleroute announced the launch of the Payment Guarantee service for carriers through a partnership with Coface, the world leader in credit insurance. This new and unique service protects carriers in the event of non-payment, in line with Teleroute's vision of building a secure and collaborative network for the transport industry. During the webinar, we showcase how easily you can guarantee your transport invoices directly within the Teleroute platform and why this feature is important for every business nowadays.

Next we present another one of our newest services, the TelerouteMobile app. Along with a fresh new design, the app allows carriers to perform multiple freight searches simultaneously and to contact the offering company in one click to offer spare truck capacity. Additionally, this new mobile app supports access to all freight offers in Wtransnet, the leading freight exchange in Iberia and also part of the Alpega Group.

“COVID has given several lessons to the transport sector, and one of the most important ones is the clear need for any serious supplier to have access to a network of reliable and versatile companies,” says Asia. This is why we have Community Manager available. In a nutshell, the Community Manager is the biggest online database of trusted transport companies across Europe. It is where you can find all necessary info about transport and logistics companies, including an objective customer rating based on activity level and payment history. We want your business to fly! You can now count on your personal Teleroute Business Assistant. This is the first point of contact for our customers, who will help you get the most out of Teleroute and meet the challenges you may be currently facing. If you’re not sure about a company that you want to work with, the Business Assistant can assist in contacting them.

We know that each business is different and has its struggles, especially now. Therefore, we made sure to include some exclusive tips on how to get the most out of Teleroute in order to optimize your loads, avoid empty running, expand your network of partners, and more.

At Teleroute Freight Exchange, we want to continue these initiatives because we think all businesses can benefit from some extra information when it comes to innovative logistic solutions. And stay tuned for future webinars, you certainly don’t want to miss them!

The webinar is available for free via this link.