How to share your postings with your colleagues within your company

How often do you need to change the contact of a posting? Maybe your colleagues have different schedules? Or you want to avoid repeated contacts in your address book? In these cases, we can help to save posting time assigning freight to your colleagues:


1. You can access the posting form through multiple ways (dashboard button, widget or main menu-My Posts/Posted Freights/New or My Posts/Post a Freight)

2. On the search form you can click on the Add button

3. Add contact details from your colleague :

4. Colleague Contact will appear inside the Contact field :

5. The next time you need to assign a freight post to a colleague, simply enter the first letter of the name. You will see a drop down list of name suggestions :

6. All colleague’s contacts, as the rest of your collaborators details, are saved in Contacts (Others- Address Book) :

7. In addition, all freight shared with all of your colleagues , are saved by default in Shared Offers (it needs to be activated in preferences), so you can quickly check if a freight has already been posted by your colleague :

Check out our ‘How to Post a Freight video blog post’ for more info :