More freight with Carreras in Southern Europe and Baltyk in Eastern Europe

Alpega is continuously enlarging the freight and vehicle national and international volumes in Teleroute to help you to find new transport deals. We have signed a partnership in South and East with two international carriers who are already posting on a daily basis freights in Teleroute to increase your search efficiency :

Carreras is one of the leading Logistic Groups in Southern Europe. It was founded in 1933 as a family company. They provide leading solutions for the whole supply chain: transport, LTL (groupage and pallet management), warehousing (both multi-client and dedicated) and distribution (in ambience and controlled temperature) in Spain, Portugal and Italy. Carreras is one of the logistics leaders in the FMCG sector in Spain and Portugal so you’ll find the best Spanish national freights in our freight exchange.

Bałtyk is a leading freight forwarder from Poland with a strong presence in Central Europe, Benelux and Eastern Europe. They operate in the transport-forwarding since 10 years ago with 2 branches and since 2015 the headquarters moved to a new building to expand a range of services for cargo handling and storage.

You can find all of these extra freights in your freight exchange solution Teleroute. Here are some tips to help you find these freights :

We are continuously building new partnerships with large national and international transport companies to raise the volume in our freight exchange solution so you get more opportunities to win new business. We will keep you informed on new partnerships.

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