Why you should post your trucks on Teleroute

If you already use Teleroute Freight Exchange you’re likely familiar with  ‘search freight’ function.   However, did you know there’s another feature available that allows customers to come to you instantly!

Post a vehicle.

Yes, by posting your vehicle(s) you have a quick and easy way to promote your truck(s) capacity and location, and be visible to potential customers.  

Advantages to posting your vehicle(s)

  • Advertise your vehicle for free

There’s no extra fee attached to posting a vehicle on Teleroute for members.  

  • Increase visibility to attract new customers

You can find freight at any time, but why not let your potential customers find you? When you post your vehicle(s) to Teleroute, your chances of being seen are much greater – leading to a better chance of making deals.

When your offer corresponds to a potential customer’s search, they can contact you by chat. Better yet, our chat auto translates to suit your preferred language, meaning no language barriers.


Want to reach out to a potential customer? Then simply click on ‘Who has seen my offer’ / the ‘eye’ icon. This will give you a list of all companies who clicked on your vehicle post, and allows you to initiate contact and make the first move!

You can also check the information of companies who viewed your post, giving you the power to choose who you work with.  

To make an informed decision, simply check their ratings and details. This is visible when you click on their company name.

Hint: Their ratings cover their activity as a poster, searcher and if they pay on time. The more stars they have, the better they are at each activity. Similarly, checking the seniority in the platform can give an idea how long they have been using the platform, so it's a great way to check their experience level.

  • See 'Matched Freights'

When you post a vehicle, you'll see an icon called 'Matched Freights'. When you click, you'll be able to see all the freight offers that match your vehicle in terms of location, route and vehicle type.  

This means that you can simply click the ‘Matched Freights’ button and reach out to all the matched freight offers you like.  


Again, you can check the company logo, rating, seniority and their freight offer’s description and comments before you do so.

Ready to post your truck to find your ideal freight? Then here's how you can do it:

How to post your truck

Log in to the Teleroute Freight Exchange, hover over ‘My post’ at the top left and select ‘Post a vehicle’.


Fill in your truck’s capacity, departure and arrival location, vehicle type, extra comments and then post.  

You can even choose your departure, arrival, and extra pickup locations via our map to make posting your truck even simpler.


Now you've posted your first truck, there are even more features available to you...

How to repost your truck

When your current posted vehicle is no longer active (the dates used for the arrival date have passed) but you’d like to extend the time, simply click ‘repost’ and update the times.  

How to create and use templates

If you travel the same routes regularly, you can create and use templates to save time and name them accordingly. For example, this template is called Belgium to Netherlands.  

How to duplicate your post

If you want to post another truck with similar information to an existing post, you can click ‘duplicate’.

Once duplicated you can make any adjustments you need before posting.  

How to create a truck post directly from a freight search

Have a specific route you'd like to search for freight offers? While setting up your search you can also click 'Create vehicle offer' at the same time.  

This means that as well as creating your search, you've also posted your vehicle to the same location automatically, essentially ensuring you'll find freight in your new chosen location.


It’s that simple. And remember that you have a dedicated Business Assistant to help with all functions of the platform and can work together to post trucks and find freight.

Read to get started?

Connect with more customers than ever before and travel fully-loaded. Use Teleroute Freight Exchange to its full potential as a Carrier and post your vehicle(s) today.  

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