Logistics Glossary


What Is a Shipper?

A shipper is an individual or a company responsible for consigning the goods. Also known as a consignor, a shipper can be a manufacturer or a supplier of goods.

The Role of a Cargo Shipper

As a cargo shipper, you’re responsible for delivering the goods to your customer. The products should reach them on time and in perfect condition. To transfer your product to the customer, you need a team performing multiple tasks. If you don’t have a big business and work without a team, you must diligently perform all the tasks yourself.

These tasks include keeping track of the inventory, handling storage, selecting the right product, and maintaining an accounting and record-keeping system. You should also know all the policies and fill out the paperwork before shipping the product.

Packaging is also an important factor while shipping your product. The product should get to your customer in a fresh or original condition. The staff should be able to handle the packet easily. In case of hazardous materials, you must familiarize yourself with safety measures and place appropriate signs or labels on the packet for all the parties. On the final packaging, you should stick the shipping label and the packing slip.

As mundane as this task may sound, cargo shipping is of utmost importance in today’s society. No country is entirely self-sufficient, and with the rise in population and globalization, there’s an increase in the demand for overseas products in every part of the world. Imports and exports vastly affect the standards of living and the livelihoods of people worldwide.

Things to Consider as an International Shipper

When you’re shipping internationally, you must consider various factors. Depending on the distance, you’re likely to pay a higher shipping cost than domestic shipments. There are regulations for every inbound shipping location, and you need to comply with them to avoid paying fines and penalties.

You must be aware of the origin and the destination country’s trade regulations and import and export duties. Ascertaining whether you or the buyer pays the customs duties on some products is similarly important. Sometimes, as an international shipper, a language barrier leads to increased complex paperwork, causing delays. Hence, it’s good to plan and give yourself some buffer time for uncertainties.

How to Find a Shipper Company?

If you’re a new shipper, you might need some ideas in choosing the right shipper company. To find the right one for your business, you must consider several factors like the shipping costs, the size of the product, how quickly you want the products to be delivered, the destination region, etc. It also helps to know your competitor’s shipping company if they have the same customer base as you.