Secure transactions – guaranteed at 99.99%

Secure use is guaranteed in the following ways:

  • A protection of each and every transaction
  • Development of the Safe Marketplace programme which provides reliable solutions and tools
  • Strict checking and verification measures prior to accepting new members
  • Application of the IRU guidelines (International Road and Transport Union)

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Tools that ensure safe and secure transactions

The Teleroute freight exchange is a “window to Europe”, allowing shippers and freight forwarders to collaborate with carriers from 29 countries. A total of 200,000 freight offers are published every day, most of which involve cross-border journeys.

Our goal and main mission is to ensure that these transactions are carried out at the highest security level.

This is why we developed the Safe Marketplace programme, which offers solutions and reliable tools to help you deal with third parties safely and securely:

  • Transport directory (public and/or private)
  • Verification and approval of partners
  • Access to and downloading of documents (e.g. licences, insurance documents)
  • Debt mediation
  • Customer rating
  • Hotline and customer service around the clock

We can guarantee our transactions to be 99.99% secure, which means you can fully rely on Teleroute’s security service.

Security issues are of the utmost importance to us, as they are to our customers. We therefore invest a lot of our energy in the selection of loads and shippers. In my view, Teleroute’s reputation is the best among all comparable freight exchanges.

Jules Menheere, director of Vos Deventer

A reliable security service – with no if's or but's

In 2013, IRU (International Road and Transport Union) published guidelines for the safe use of freight exchange services. The basic principle for users is to follow all basic safety rules: do not disclose login details; ensure that the carrier has licences and insurance in place; check the identity of drivers; check details, licences and insurances of the transport company; etc.

In its recommendations, the IRU also insisted that operators should use reliable freight exchanges (i.e. exchanges where new members are subject to a verification and security process before being accepted) which have been in business for a long time, are available in several countries, and which offer good customer service.

It is precisely these criteria that Teleroute has consistently met for many years.

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