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Are you planning to move or trade goods within and outside of Europe? Then you have probably heard about the requirement of an EORI number. This article will answer some of the questions you have had about it, how to apply and check its validity.

We also have additional information on what an XI EORI number is. If you are from Northern Ireland or you are looking to trade goods there, this will be of help to you.

What Is EORI?

EORI stands for Economic Operator Registration and Identification. This is a system used by the European Union for businesses who wish to trade products within and outside of European countries.

Thus, if you are a business planning to import some of the goods, you would like to sell, or export some of the goods, you have produced, you should look more into getting an EORI number. However, if you are moving goods or receiving goods internationally for personal use, you do not need it.

What Is an EORI Number?

An EORI number is a number that businesses or individuals are seeking to trade must-have. This serves as their identification number when they communicate with the customs administration during all customs procedures. Using one type of identification number is advised for security and statistical purposes. In addition, customs authorities and economic operators find it more efficient.

How to Apply for an EORI Number

You can request an EORI number from the Central Customs Authority. If your business is registered in the customs state of the EU, then you can apply for this identification digit in the country in which it was established. If not, you can apply for the identification number in the EU country where you lodged a declaration. When applying you need the following:

- UTR - Unique Taxpayer Reference
- The date in which you started your business and Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code
- Your username and password for Government Gateway
- VAT number and its date of registration
- Your national insurance number is also required if you are a sole trader

How to Check an EORI Number

You can visit the EORI online database on the European Commission's website to check your identification digit. When you visit this website, you go to the “Taxation and Customs Union” tab, then click on “Databases”, and then “EORI”. Click on the link provided to check if it is valid.

What Is an XI EORI Number?

Since the UK is no longer part of the EU, an XI EORI number is required to trade goods to and from Northern Ireland. The difference between an EORI number and an XI EORI number is that the former begins with GB while the latter begins with XI. Also, you need an XI EORI to trade with Northern Ireland. To qualify for an XI EORI, you need to own a GB EORI number.